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Dec 13 2012 Anchor

Hello everyone this is my first time here, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I've made my first game - Pizza Snake - a game for Android, Chrome and Firefox inspired by an old school MS-DOS game called Pizza Worm which some of you may have heard of before.It's a modern take on a classic game style where every level has its own unique gameplay, and touch controls work really well.

  • First, the youtube gameplay trailer:
  • The Pizza Snake page on indieDB:
  • Pizza Snake on the Google Play Store:
  • Pizza Snake website:
  • The game is free, but there's also a paid version - Pizza Snake HD - without ads, more levels and nicer graphics: (it's on sale for this holidays)

I started this game as a hobby/learning java and Android development, and the game was getting really fun so I decided to finish and release it.I've made everything except the in-game font and the sound effects.

I haven't used any engine, just started with this tutorial and did everything from there.The music I already had in my head from before, but I think it fitted this game. I used to record it.I've made the graphics using photoshop, which I've already learned a long time ago.

Total development time was 5 months working on spare time including a 3 week holiday break in the summer. I learned A LOT, and I'm already thinking of making a new game, and I'm also thinking of porting Pizza Snake to iPhone, but I don't have a mac or an iPhone so that's going to have to wait.

Thanks everyone! Enjoy the game and the Holidays!

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Ronnie42 God Of Destruction
Dec 16 2012 Anchor

Just thought pass by, congrat's. Seem's like you put a lot of work into this.


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SinKing bumps me thread
Dec 16 2012 Anchor

Cool! Looks supersmooth, and Ilike the little details, like the snake digesting ^^

5 months is amazing for any game done just from scratch, congratulations!

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Jan 18 2013 Anchor

Thank you very much, I've also had a small email chat with Sami "zorlim" Lehtinen, the author of the original Pizza Worm. We talked a bit about gameplay and he is a very cool guy.

lancer611 Professional Software Developer
Jan 18 2013 Anchor

This is pretty cool. How did you get so many downloads?


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Jan 29 2013 Anchor

lancer611 wrote: This is pretty cool. How did you get so many downloads?

I don't know. My marketing scheme was (I suck at marketing): a youtube video, a website and I posted the game on xda forums and on reddit and my facebook friends.

But that wasn't the majority of users. Most users came directly from the play store, so maybe I got lucky, but also it isn't that much comparing to other games honestly. Maybe people search for pizza or snake and find my game, I don't know.

Feb 2 2013 Anchor

I like the different levels you designed (especially the pool table). They look great. Unfortunately, I don't have any Android devices, so I won't be able to try it out.
Great work, though!

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