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Jul 22 2013 Anchor

Hello, People of IndieDB. My name is Jordan Pryor, and my Group/Company has been working on its Own Game console named Infinity. We are here to Show some concept art and ask a Few questions to, build it we need input on the parts and how the case should look, and What OS should go in it 1) Android w/ custom launcher 2) Linux Distro 3)INHOUSE MADE OS.

Thank you, now Please do vote and Give us some Ideas




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Jul 23 2013 Anchor

So you're building a computer and will alternativley make your own OS?

Jul 23 2013 Anchor

Inhouse OS


Jul 23 2013 Anchor

What am I reading?

You're 15, you have your own company that is developING a video game console and asks for advice on IndieDB?

Are you sure you are not just some dreamer who needs to be explained what kind of money you are talking about?

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