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Nov 7 2012 Anchor

Basically I had an idea for a platformer that I was going to make in UDK.
Aztec themed.
You control two characters at separate times (switch between them whenever you want) to help solve puzzles.
The main character is an adventurer dude and the secondary playable character is an inca sun god/spirit.
The main gameplay being to get the adventurer to the end of the side scrolling level with the help of the secondary character to solve puzzles.
The main gameplay comes from the fact that the inca sun god dude can walk through walls and the adventurer cannot.
The inca sun god also can only survive in areas of the level that are lit, therefore if it goes dark due to a part of the puzzle going wrong then the character will reappear at the beginning of the area (puzzle must be restarted kinda thing).
So essentially as the adventurer you have to keep areas of the level lit to allow the sun god/spirit to assist you in puzzles such as simultaneous switch pulling etc.
I plan to make a demo of this using only Kismet (im not a programmer but an efficient kismet gameplay scripter)

Does this sound interesting? Too basic? Too convoluted? Any feedback would be appreciated then I'll get onto making it..

Nov 7 2012 Anchor

I think that's a brilliant idea. With some well-designed puzzles (and a good variety of those) this will be a solid game.
If you need some help with the gameplay design, pm me.

Nov 12 2012 Anchor

Cheers mate! I've started the demo and have this so far : )

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awesome2430 The General McBallsey
Nov 12 2012 Anchor

Good work plinkie, I wish you the best of luck on your project

Nov 13 2012 Anchor


Well on my way now. I've got character switching sorted...

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Nov 21 2012 Anchor

The concept reminds me of the Wind Waker earth and wind temples - and that's a very good thing :D

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