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Sep 23 2012 Anchor

I need to convert the player model of agent smith of half life 1 to a NPC for make a super map series for SvenCoop.
Someone can help me or make me the model?
i need to create a shot animation and a movement animation.
This is the model
This model remplaces barney

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Ronnie42 God Of Destruction
Sep 24 2012 Anchor

Are you asking to 'steal' others peoples work to make your own?, firstly you should ask the original others, nobody is going to help unless you put in some effort yourself. Hate to be rude here but I'm getting tired of people making 'newbie' accounts that expect us to do most of the work.

If you want to learn how to model then learn the basics of 3ds Max, maybe Zbrush, photoshop, showing your work off, then you might get someone's attention. I'm pretty sure these forums are against theft of other peoples work which is why moddb mainly focuses on original work or 'our' own builds instead of ripping other peoples work for their games.

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Sep 24 2012 Anchor

Ok but i not be artist, i m horrible. i m only good in make very very goods maps, sounds and other minor thinks. my problem is in the animation because i have the player model, so can you say me how make animations for the models plz?

ArtisanCodesmith Developer
Sep 24 2012 Anchor

Then, you learn :]. 'Tutorial' is a very powerful and rewarding search on google.


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