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Apr 7 2013 Anchor

Let me make this clear. This is an open idea for anyone who likes the concept and brief story. You would play as either a Male: Hector Shund or Female: Sean Kazze. You are a military chopper pilot in the year 2030. In the midst of a huge civil war your chopper is shot down. Climbing out of the wreckage to look up at the burning city you were supposed to protect. In that instance a friendly is shot down in your area, it would have crashed near you but you notice it seems to be have pushed by something in your general direction. The chopper inevitably hits you as you try to escape and you perish. wake up in a strange futuristic room. Trash and scattered metal lies in piles all over the floor. In the room is a large metal door that doesn't seem to open. When you turn around from try to get the certain door open you spot him....hanging upside down from the ceiling. The GateKeeper, looking as if he was built from the trash that littered his domain. His human skullish like head stares at you with his blood red and electronic eyes. He says to you in a mechanical and static voice "You....your not supposed to be here yet..."
The GateKeeper in question is the one who shepards dead souls to the next life. But he says that you infact were not supposed to have died in that crash. After asking how he could have died then he tells you that someone had come back in time and tampered with your life force..meaning that you infact were murdered by someone from the future. He says that someone came through here not moments ago and went through the gate into one of earths many diverse and multiple separate dimensions. After explaining that you are indeed the living dead he tells you that you can save your own life by tracking down your murder through the separate dimensions. So he sends you fourth into the gate to follow your murderer and kill him.In the game you would be basically immortal, which you wouldnt be able to die....but you would infact be able to be what the gatekeeper calls LeadLogged. Meaning being shot so many times that the lead bullets halt your movement and paralyze you. But luckily as the living dead you have psychic powers, like regeneration and telekinesis. But you obviously work to get these powers over time. So to make sure you don't get LeadLogged you have to take cover and regenerate yourself before delving back into battle.
Throughout the game you go through atleast 6 or 7 different dimensions. Such as the first world which would be a cyberpunk city on Mars. Also going through a desert wasteland, Post apocalyptic land over run by monsters, and a 1940's-ish realm with different species of sentient aliens. The other dimensions will have to be worked out.
There should be some freedom of exploration to each dimension while searching for clues onto where your murderer when next. But still knowing what direction your supposed to go to or whatnot.
This pretty much all I have for the idea. Its free for takes so take away :)

Apr 7 2013 Anchor

sounds like a terminator/the one mix lol

Apr 10 2013 Anchor

I'd have to agree with redman, Good luck on your endevors. :)

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