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Jan 22 2017 Anchor

well this is what i need, I am looking for someone who might be able to make me an editor, What I need is an editor that can modify enemy stats. it is a super nintendo emulator game, Wizardry 5. I love the game but i find that the enemies are way to easy. Someone has made me an editor for breath of fire 2 that does the same thing, all i had to do was load the rom in the editor and then i could edit any enemy's stats hp, str, exp....ect.
I have the game. here it is. Also I have another windows game I need the same thing for called Elminage Gothic. Hopefully you will be able to do one of them.

Paying anyone who will help get it done.

Nightshade Technical Artist
Feb 9 2017 Anchor

Or... you do it yourself.
I mean, theoretically it's not that complicated. You get a ROM-parser, parse your ROM-file, locate "where" the stats are in the file (byte positions) and then you can probably edit said values around said point in the raw ROM-file with a HEX editor. It will be quite some trial-and-error though as you will corrupt the ROM most of the time, but I mean how hard can it be? The SNES cartridge is like 32MBit (~4MB) of data!

Taking it further, you can take a crash-course to Python at and create a simple user-interface using something like GTK or TkInter (Python UI libs) +a lib for HEX-editing files. Win!

No one is going to do this for you so you better start doing this yourself. It could be quite a fun project for learning lots of stuff.

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