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Jul 16 2009 Anchor

I downloaded the demo for mount and blade on steam then i bought the serial key so its a full copy but on steam it still says mount and blade demo then i tried to dl a mod but couldn't find the M&D content so i tried extracting the modules content using gcfscape and then extracted the mod i downloaded into it but it still doesn't work. So I'm out of ideas and was wondering if anyone here could help me. Thanks for any help you could provide.

Jul 16 2009 Anchor

dont think demos are full games


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Jul 16 2009 Anchor

He said he bought the full game. It seems you have an issue with the Steam Authentication servers or something along those lines. I suggest going to the Steam forums or contact their customer support.

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Orion The Chosen One
Jul 16 2009 Anchor

I agree with Toyoka... This is definitely something you should take up with Valve via the Steam Support Forums! Obviously something has gone wrong with the authentication process after you activated the full version with your key etc. Either that or you haven't yet restarted Steam after activating you key? (Some games on Steam are funny that way!).


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Sep 18 2009 Anchor

The serial number should unlock the full game with steam, re-download it if not.. but as to the mod aspect of the question, place the mod folder into "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\mount and blade\Modules", (if you see a folder for "Native", your in the right folder). Hope this helped.

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