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Mar 3 2010 Anchor

Hi there,

im fairly new to UDK and im having issues importing psa files into udk that have more than one animation in.

so in this case, i created a psa file that had 2 animations in. then in the animset editor, im going to my animset and importing the .psa, the two animations appear in the animset....then udk crashes.

theres nothing wrong with the animation exports if i do them in separate psa files. but if i do them together it dies...

am i doing something wrong?

grinnock Freelance Berserker
Mar 3 2010 Anchor

Have you compared your process to this?

If it's all the same, just import them separate like you said.

Mar 5 2010 Anchor

Yeah thats the main tutorial I used :(

Wouldnt importing them as separate .psa files just create more work? or would it it be about the same?

grinnock Freelance Berserker
Mar 5 2010 Anchor

I usually find it easier to keep everything in a separate file. If you can't get it to work otherwise your hands are kind of tied.

Mar 5 2010 Anchor

True. It just strikes me as odd that its doing it
Bloody thing isnt making learning how to use it an easy ride! :P

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