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Dec 2 2012 Anchor

Does somebody know a way how to apply prebaked animations to a model that has the same bone structure as the one used to create the animation?

Well my question sounds a bit like, how do I apply mo-cap animations to my model, but thats not really it I guess. Even though Animations and model share the same skeleton, the models vary in size and proportion, but I still want to be able to apply any animation to any model. I think this should be possible since the models got the same skeleton bone structure and the bones are always in the same area only their position varies from model to model.

In particular Im trying to apply this to 2D characters that got 2arm, 2legs, a head and a body, but if you got anything related to that topic even if its 3D related or keywords, articles, books whatever Im gratefull for everything cause Im a bit stuck at the moment.


Dec 2 2012 Anchor

if you are sure the joints are rotation only you can just animation retargetting. I've only managed to do it successfully in XSI though. The valve tools have some re-targetting stuff.

but technically if you were to just bind the joints transforms from one skeleton to the other it should work in any package that can do that.

Dec 2 2012 Anchor

well if it would be rotation only retargeting should work .... good idea. Im writing the animation system behind the game myself so I could make it rotation only, well it should also allow scaling, but thats not a big problem, because scaling shouldnt interfer with rotation in my opinion.
man this is a good idea thanks havenĀ“t thought about that =)

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