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May 1 2005 Anchor

[size=18]Updated **1st May 2005**[/size]

I am looking to join a modding team after the closing down of my own studios, please email me at if you like this idea and wish for me to join your team.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
-John F. Kennedy

The year is 2020 and war has broken out in the African country of Democratic Republic of Congo. It all started when a handful of treasure hunters entered the Congo Basin in 2008, competition between the hunters grew, some building private mercenary armies. Three African treasure hunters decided to come together and form their own force and during April 2012 the African Peoples Force (APF) was formed. The APF extended beyond rival treasure hunters to the African government, it was decided that the UN should intervene and on the 12th of June 2012 a large “Control Force” (UNCF) was sent in, but not officially, instead this force was kept secret from the world for at three years before an American journalist wrote a story title “World War Three.”

A new evolved strain of Ebola HF known as Ebola-Congo is now ravaging the Congo wildlife, but like Ebola-Reston it has not yet affected humans. Ebola-Congo has caused birth defects and heightened aggression in animals, birth defects have given some creatures strange advantages...

Rwandan and Ugandan troops have strengthened their border forces, factions wage wars with each other, the APF launches a campaign against the UNCF. In amongst all the chaos one man is presumed dead and then taken hostage. This is where the game will begin...

So is this mission-based?
No, it is a free-roaming game, we give you the world you tackle it as you want. We will be creating a gigantic jungle basin based in the African Congo. Stay tuned for more info regarding this.

Sounds like too much terrain to me!
At some points the terrain is not as detailed as the focus points, it will still be there and it will still be realistic but don’t expect to find much. If the SDK features random terrain generation then we will use that for a large portion of the terrain creation then modify it from there. The focal points include roads, villages, military outposts and various other areas of importances. There will be a specified radius around focal points that will recieve equal detail.

So what kind of gameplay are you aiming for?
Completely and utterly realistic, apart from pistols there will be no crosshairs, instead you will have to use iron sights to accurately engage a target. Also, don’t expect to be bunnyhopping, you will be carrying too much equipment to do this, limited stamina also determines how much you can jump, sprint and swim.

Enemy troops will use the substantial undergrowth of the Congo Basin to their advantage, moving stealthily towards you on your flanks. The enemy will also try to gain a height advantage over you, as well as use vehicles and cover to their advantage. If there is a nearby vehicle they will try to move it close to you and engage you using the vehicle as cover.

Regarding how many shots the player and the team will be able to sustain, we will be making sure there are no Rambos. Once your body armour has deteriorated then you will only be able to take one or two shots before your down and out. Stay tuned for more info regarding tending to wounds and rest.

So what about multiplayer?
So far we have three modes planned:
> Coop (8 players) -UNCF Special Ops-
> Marksman (10 Players) -APF/UNCF Snipers-
> War (32 players) -APF/UNCF Armies- *hopefully more*

Coop will see eight players work in a very similar way to the single player game, eight players will be given a class (General, Sniper, Support, Medic) and will have to work as a team to achieve certain objectives. Players will be able to upgrade their weapons at friendly outposts using ‘command points.’ Please refer to the weapons list for more information on coop weapon selection.

After listening to the STALKER community we have decided to create a multiplayer mode aimed directly at the patient, Marksman. In this mode ten players will snipe it out on smaller maps (but still big enough to snipe on). Armed with a trusty sniper weapon and sidearm both teams must work to eliminate the other team, once a participant is killed they will spawn at a random location to prevent spawn camping. Many modified stock weapons may feature, but will be locked in semi-automatic fire mode, featuring scopes, silencers and laser aiming aids. Sometimes there will be AI battles going on around the human players.

Finally the class-based ‘war’ mode will make up the large scale combat for the mod, it will remain just as realistic as the other modes. Here players will have to take objective locations in a certain order, this allows us to keep combat concentrated. We hope to feature AI soldiers that will fight alongside the real players, the real players will hopefully be able to ‘enlist’ the help of AI soldiers at outposts with a maximum of three following NPC troops. Each NPC troop will be equipped with the slandered loadout, but will be able to use weapons given to them by the real player. What this AI help allows us to do is to have large scale combat with only 32 players. (3 AI troops to 1 real player = 128 players). AI troops will be able to pilot vehicles and use the same tactics as the single player sqaudmates. We have our doubts that coop and our specialised war mode will work on this engine without a coop feature shipping with the game or being released in patches.

Wow, sounds ambitious, can I help?
Sure, I actually need to join a team that likes this idea. Please just email me at with an example of your studios work. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

The Aussies!
Currently one of the best forces in the world the SAS are exceptional in dense jungle environments. They exceed their British counterparts in many aspects and are usually the first into a warzone. The Aus SAS meld in with locals, dressing the same and eating the same food, bathing the same and speaking the same language.

In the Congo Basin the SAS will often be found deep in enemy territory disguised as enemy troops. The only thing that distinguishes them is their equipment.

General > M4A1 SOPMOD (5.56mm NATO) (USA)
Specialist Scout > Steyr AUG A3 (5.56mm) (Austria)
Heavy Sniper > Steyr .50 HS (.460 Steyr) (Austria)

User Posted Image
This is the Steyr AUG A3, the SAS Scouts will not be using American M4s like they do today. The A3 is a very new weapon and has yet to be put into mass production (as far as I know).

User Posted Image
This is the XM-26 LSS, it is basically a shotgun mounted underneath the barrel. The shotgun is a great weapon in dense jungle environments, which is why (for the sake of this mod) we are presuming it is still in production.
We will modernise the M4 for the sake of the mod also, we are not sure what we will call it. Although the winner so far is the "M4A5 SOPMOD."

The Big Rifle!
User Posted Image
This will be common among warring factions, it carries a 20mm round. Notice where the magazine is, I think its to stop the magazine from getting knocked about if the sniper has to hit the ground hard. It is the Mechem NTW-20, it was designed in South Africa. Makes sense that we would find it used amongst South African factions.

The New SMG
User Posted Image
This is an SMG that really packs a punch. It fires a special armour piercing round and can carry a spare magazine that also functions as a shoulder support. This weapon will be handed to the APF vehicle pilots in place of the MAG-7 compact "sub-shotgun."

The Final Single-Player Weapons List
Single Player Weapons List (42 weapons)
Some weapons can be modified

General Infantry
General Infantry > LR-300ML (5.56mm NATO) (USA)
Special Infantry > XM-8 (5.56 x 45 mm NATO) (USA)
Guard > Benelli Nova Tactical (12 gauge) (Italy)
Squad Sniper > Steyr Scout rifle (.308 Win) (Austria)
Squad LMG > Mk. 48 LMG (7.62 mm) (USA)
Vehicle Pilot > MP-7 PDW (4.6mm proprietary) (Germany)
Anti Tank > LAW 80 (94mm Warhead)
Officer > HK Mk.23 (.45acp) (Germany)

Special Ops
General Infantry > FN SCAR-H (7.62mm) (US SOCOM)
Sniper > AS50 fifty caliber (12.7mm) (Great Britain)
Sidearm > HK Mk.23 (.45acp) (Germany)

General Infantry
General Infantry > AK-108 (5.56 NATO) (Russia)
Guard > Protecta (12 gauge) (South Africa)
Specialist > Groza OC-14 (9mm) (Russia)
Sniper > M89-SR (.308 Win) (Russia)
Support > CIS Ultimax 100 (5.56mm NATO) (Singapore)
Anti Armour > RPG-7 (85mm Warhead) (Russia)
Vehicle Pilot > PP-2000 SMG (7N31 Armour Piercing) (Russia)
Officer > IMI SP-21 Barak pistol (9mm) (Israel)

Special Ops
General Infantry > DSA-58OSW (7.62mm NATO) (Belgium)
Sniper > SVU-A (A- Automatic) (Russian 7.62x54mm) (Russia)
Sidearm > IMI SP-21 Barak pistol (9mm) (Israel)
Shadow Sniper > VSS Vintorez (9mm) (Russia)

French Special Forces
General Infantry > FAMAS G2 (5.56mm NATO) (France)
Sniper > PGM Mini-Hecate (.338 lapua Magnum) (France)

General Infantry > Galil ARM (5.56x45mm NATO) (Israel)
Sniper > Galil Sniper Rifle (.308Win) (Israel)
Heavy Sniper > Mechem NTW-20 (20mm) (South Africa)
Special > AS Val (9x39 mm) (Russia)

General Infantry > AK-47 (7.62x39 mm) (Russia)
Snipers > Dragunov SVD (7.62x54mm) (Russia)
Special > RG-6 (40mm) (Israel)

CIA Congo Operatives
General > XM-29 OICW (5.56 mm NATO, 20x85mm) (USA)
Spec Ops > MP9 SMG (9mm) (Switzerland)
Sniper > XM-109 (25mm Nato) (USA)
Sidearm > FNP-9 (9mm) (USA)

Australian Special Forces
General > M4A1 SOPMOD (5.56mm NATO) (USA)
Specialist Scout > Steyr AUG A3 (5.56mm) (Austria)
Heavy Sniper > Steyr .50 HS (.460 Steyr) (Austria)

Genaro’s Guardians, “The Ombres”
General > G36K (5.56mm) (Germany)
Sniper > DSR-1 (7.62mm) (Germany)
Support > H&K 21E (7.62mm) (Germany)
Officer > MAG-7 (12 gauge) (South Africa)
Guard > Jackhammer (12 gauge) (South Africa)

The Final Multiplayer Weapons List
- LR-300 ML
- XM-8
- Benelli Nova Tactical
Special - Phosphorus Grenades

- Benelli Nova Tactical
- LR-300 ML
Special - Medi-kit
Special - Medi-Station

- Mk. 48 LMG
- XM-29 OICW
Special -LAW 80
Special - Phosphorus Grenades
Sidearm - HK Mk.23

- AS50
- Steyr Scout Rifle
- PGM Mini-Hectate
- XM-109
- Steyr .50 HS
Sidearm - HK Mk.23

- Steyr AUG A3
Sidearm - FNP-9
Special - C4 Explosives

- HK Mk.23
- MP-7 PDW

- AK-108
- Groza OC-14
- Galil ARM
Special - RG6

- AK-108
- Jackhammer
Special - Medi-kit
Special - Poison Dart Gun

- CIS Ultimax 100
- H&K 21E
- AK-47 w/ drum magazine
- Protecta
Special - RPG-7
Sidearm - IMI SP-21 Barak Pistol

- M89-SR
- Galil Sniper Rifle
- Dragunov SVD
- Mechem NTW-20
- DSR-1
Sidearm - IMI SP-21 Barak Pistol

Specialist- G36K
- AS Val
- VSS Vintorez
Sidearm - IMI SP-21 Barak Pistol
Special - C4 explosives

If you are wondering what some of the lesser known weapons are, have a look at these.

User Posted Image
This is the APF Support weapon, the CIS Ultimax 100.

User Posted Image
This is the DSR-1 used by the "The Ombres," it is a German made sniper rifle that has only just begun production.

User Posted Image
The DSA-58OSW is a reliable 7.62mm weapon, designed by the famous FN systems company responsible for the Minimi (M249 SAW). It is used by the APF special forces.

User Posted Image
This new 25mm sniper rifle will be used by the CIA Operatives in the Congo Basin. It is used to take out lightly armoured targets.

User Posted Image
This weapon will be used by the CIA operatives in the Congo Basin. Its is known as the MP9, it is a newer model of the Styer TMP.


I'll try to get the new revised story up tommorow afternoon, aswell as updated FAQ.

May 1 2005 Anchor

Ok, I've been studying up on different warheads and whatnot for the RPG-7v, to even the game up a bit more.
One that excites me the most is the thermobaric round, when it hits its target it sets the area in flames.

I have worked on many a mod, but this one excites me the most. It is a shame that my studios died, otherwise we would already have been halfway through modelling already! And also I have revised the loadout for the Aus SAS, the general infantry will have a choice between the Steyr A3 or the M4A5.

Oh almost forgot, if you are interested I also have a verrry long timeline covering all the years from 2000 to 2021. Its about 4 standard A4 pages long.


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Mauvebib Swallow My Pride
May 2 2005 Anchor

Ummm, you say you're looking to join a team then reel off a huge plan for a mod. Joining a team suggests working on someone else's mod. Getting people to work on your mod requires starting a team.


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Apokalypse13 slacker
May 2 2005 Anchor

Yeah. It would a jedi mind trick to

a) join a team already in progress
b) change their entire focus to what YOU want
c) just go back and become a member, not a leader.


User Posted Image
Join our team at CONFLICT: Omega
Our Mod DB listing

May 3 2005 Anchor

Jerkasses, I'm looking for a team that likes the idea. If they don't great, I can't force them to do anything, I'll form my own team again.

Mauvebib Swallow My Pride
May 3 2005 Anchor

Teams which are already together will have their own ideas, and will be working on their own projects.

There are no modding teams sitting around waiting for ideas.


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Muffpuppet* 3d Apprentice
May 4 2005 Anchor

just a thought but calling people "jerkasses" isn't likely to get you any help. Perhaps a better vocabulary and respect for others that are just offering their opinions is necessary if you're trying to recruit through this thread.

May 5 2005 Anchor

true, I take it back.
Its just at no point in this thread did I say "DO IT OR DIE!" I don't plan on forcing ideas on anyone, this forum has perhaps responded the worse to this posting...

jacksonj04 Over 9000
May 8 2005 Anchor

As someone who's been around the mod scene for quite some time, I think this forum has responded perfectly fairly. Mod teams do not sit around waiting for ideas, mod teams have ideas and are working on them.

WIth a design document like that, I suggest you read the manual for this forum, expecially the point about not asking for an entire team. Get things started yourself, register the mod here at modDB, and then go get a team.


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May 8 2005 Anchor

pff, what makes this mod so special

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