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It is important that you stick to these guidelines when posting in this forum. Threads not adhering to these guidelines may be locked or deleted without warning or reason.

Firstly, this forum is often a stomping ground for new members as well as old hands. For this reason, here are some guidelines which should be read and understood before posting. If you can't understand them or want a better idea of what is expected, hang around the forums for a bit and see how we do things.

Essential Reading:

Guidelines for New Members or First Time Posters:

If you're new to the forums, specifically this one, it is important for you to first familiarise yourself with the Terms of Use and The Forum Guidelines. These apply site-wide, but especially in the forums. However, for Mod Ideas additional rules apply.

  • If you only have a rough idea or want to see what people think of very specific aspects (the behaviour of one unit, for example) then the best place to post is the modDB Bar. [*]The bar is also an ideal starting place for introducing yourself.
  • People do not want "OMGS", "L337 5P34K", all capitals, bad spelling, or generally incomprehensible posts in this forum. If you cannot put down what you want to say clearly, you need to think some more.
  • Punctuation and paragraphs are your friends.
  • Please, try avoid anything mentioning Counter-Strike. Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist has been done to death, as has uber-realistic conflict and any "modern-day mod with realistic weapons in the desert!"
  • Think before posting your idea. If it's coherent but a bad idea, you will be told nicely. If it's something which has been given no more than 5 seconds thought then you will be told so bluntly.
  • Make sure the topic subject reflects what you want to do. If you want to mod a specific engine, tell us. If you're looking for feedback, tell us. If you want to just try out a concept, tell us.
  • If posting an entire design document, make sure it reads properly. Type it up, read it through, then correct your errors before posting it.
  • Realise that ideas posted in here are all treated as up for criticism. If you don't like being told that your idea won't work in places, is overdone, needs more thought or is just plain bad then don't post.
  • Use the threadWatch feature (2nd checkbox down when you post a thread) to keep up to date with replies to your idea. You can always stop watching a thread later.
  • Check to see if the idea has been discussed to death before you post. Search is available.
  • DO NOT ASK FOR AN ENTIRE MOD TEAM. We cannot stress this enough. Simply going "I have a great idea PM me for info" will not cut it. If you are looking for a team and have an idea, come up with a proper design document, make a website, and Register your Mod before posting about it in Mod Discussion.
  • If you're talking about an existing mod, link to it!

Guidelines for Everyone:

  • Don't steal ideas from this forum. Influences are fine, but blatent rips from an idea under discussion will be treated like blatent rips from a mod under development.
  • Don't flame new members. If the idea is bad, tell them kindly. Point out this thread.
  • Help people out, don't be afraid to throw new ideas forward.
  • Accept people may disagree with your views. Just because you've been here a while doesn't mean you know a good idea from a bad one.
  • DO NOT create threads complaining about the state of other threads. If you think it's really that bad, Contact Us and a staff member will deal with it shortly.

That concludes this list of guidelines for this forum. Thanks for reading!

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