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Nov 5 2013 Anchor

Hello gals and guys!

The thread by Grim_Jester ( inspired me to open up a more general feedback thread. The basic idea is to give feedback and suggestions to the person above and then share your own mod/game/project, which will then receive feedback in return by the next poster, who will also share their content, and so on. So you review the content above and get a review in return! :D The only rule is there needs to be some alpha or beta content; an idea or concept alone is not enough. ;)

For starters, I will share my suggestions to Grim_Jester's game It Never Ends:


Because of tldr I did not read any of the other comments. I just went in and played. I must say, your game is already quite addictive! I played way longer than ten minutes thats for sure. Even though it's based on an ancient game it feels fresh nonetheless. I was a bit intimidated by the menu at first, but, taking into account you are at an early stage, I figured out what to do fairly quickly. If anything, the interface could be a little less, errr, text based.

With that said I'd love to see the upgrades have a visual effect on the ship, i.e. increased weapon strength = longer barrel etc.

I'm also gonna go ahead and assume the enemy AI will be moving left and right rather than going in a straight path? Another thing that could be better is that I could often manage to kill the front rows of enemies but than the rear would be too close to hit and I'm forced to just let them pass by. Seems like the ships could be spread out a little more, or clustered in smaller groups. You might want to consider some small v formations to make the gameplay less repetitive. Think smaller waves within the waves.

Now one reason which made it a bit more tedious to play is the strange size of the game window. Could you somehow make it go fullscreen?

Some suggestions/ideas:
- v formations
- motherships
- bullet time / slowmo upgrade
- different kind of projectiles (missiles/flak cannons/fast blasters/bombs/railguns etc)
This could be another dynamic where apart from the upgrades there are different base stats to each weapon. Might be tough to balance though!
- some more different sound effects
- visual upgrades
- some default classes where you dont need to set up the upgrades (like high armor, high power, high speed)

Oh by the way this is a pretty damn difficult game! Might wanna ease it up a bit for the early levels (one hit kills at first pls).

If I think of more I will add it to this post.


I'd love to get some early feedback on my Far Cry custom singleplayer campaign, ZDAY. The videos total in at about 9 minutes.

Thank you! :)

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Nov 9 2013 Anchor

Good idea for a thread...similar to feedback fridays on reddit. I don't currently have a project I can show off, but I'm watching through your videos.
First thoughts: I have a hard time accepting L4D audio in this context...I realize it's just a mod, but you can still create a unique and awesome game experience with mods and it really pulls me out of this project and back into L4D. It also immediately made be begin comparing the two.
If you plan on getting original VO/SFX done for the project and are just using this stuff as placeholder, that's cool (or, as the videos seem to be chronological, if you've already fixed it, then awesome, please ignore my audio-focused ramblings!)

That said, I love the gameplay video. I haven't actually played Far Cry, but the different elements of gameplay available make for a really awesome zombie survival game...namely the ability to sneak through various situations, instead of always running and gunning. The map is impressive! Do you have any plans for different zombie animations? or is that getting too complicated? They look a bit casual hanging out, haha.

Nov 9 2013 Anchor

Thanks for your feedback! Just send me a message if you do have content you want to share.

Audio is a totally valid point and I'm actually kind of glad you brought it up. I do not have many other sources for sound effects but L4D. I've searched websites like freesounds but I have yet to find a good quality substitute. So if you have any suggestions feel free to share them. :)

I will probably be doing VO myself; I may also try to find a voice actor when the time is right. The script and storyline need some work first.

I'm not a modder myself (I consider myself a level designer) but I do think animations are hardcoded into the game i.e. they can't be changed.

If anybody else wants to share their content feel free!

Nov 9 2013 Anchor

This is a good thread, pinned!

Nov 9 2013 Anchor

GC_Vos wrote: Audio is a totally valid point and I'm actually kind of glad you brought it up. I do not have many other sources for sound effects but L4D. I've searched websites like freesounds but I have yet to find a good quality substitute. So if you have any suggestions feel free to share them. :)
I will probably be doing VO myself; I may also try to find a voice actor when the time is right. The script and storyline need some work first.

I have a few ideas... audio is what I do for a living! haha. I wouldn't mind helping out on my free time, if you're interested. I consider monstrous creatures to be some of the most fun things to design sound for. That and creepy ambiances. The zombie genre is definitely my cup of tea, as it were.
I know a couple voice actors as well, though waiting for a more finished product/script is assuredly wise.

GC_Vos wrote:
I'm not a modder myself (I consider myself a level designer) but I do think animations are hardcoded into the game i.e. they can't be changed.

Gotcha, wasn't sure if that was something where you could reference figure animation scripts from a different game or something.

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Nov 10 2013 Anchor

Thanks for the offer! I left you a message :)

No scripting in Dunia unfortunately. Would be awesome though!

Feb 17 2014 Anchor

I'm sad to say that due to tunnel vision, I missed a thread that I helped inspire! I'll add it to my watched threads list.

Unfortunately, this has stalled at the moment. Let's fix that. Bombadeer was the last person to put something up, so here it goes:

Bombadeer, I checked out your monstrous creatures vid. I played Half Life a long time ago, so I don't remember the vocals, but your vocals seem to be as good. Considering that you only used your voice, you deserve extra points for that. I'm sure that a big studio has a lot more people involved.

Your horrorscape, Halloween track was fitting for the genre. I feel like it's pro quality, but I think the real test is to hear it in a game that you've been playing for 20 hours. If it isn't grating on you, then it's awesome! Have you worked on any titles that I know about?

Is your site down? The link isn't working.

I am still working on It Never Ends. I'm at demo 15 which you can check out here:

I update every two weeks. Next Sunday's update will feature a huge, in game, hints section, a hi score table, player ranking and as many achievements as I can fit in.

Let's keep this thread alive. If you want feedback (and you really should), it's only fair that you pay for it. In this forum, we should all have a passion for game development in common, so let's at least share our opinions.

Feb 18 2014 Anchor

Let's revive this thread, shall we? :)

Bombadeer, I know it's like, 3 months late, but... your Halloween track is beautiful. It fits the theme and it did manage to make me feel... chilly... by listening to it. As for the VO, I can only say: good job.

As for the Grim_Jester... wow, that's massive change compared to your old demos. I see that you get rid of multiple systems, leaving us with only 3 of them. How good is that change... I actually don't know.
However, having only 3 ship systems doesn't make the game any easier XD Game is fun and challenging as well as frustrating at the moments. UI is greatly improved compared to the last version I played and I get all information I need. Only problem is... it seems I'm getting random damage at the times, but can't figure out from who or why. Like, I sit at the middle of the screen as I just dodged the bullets and suddenly I see sparks on ship and messages about damaged systems.

With that out of the way, I have a request of my own...
My game posted here on IndieDB, Tank City, is currently stalled due to the burnout regarding the game. As soon as I manage to recover from it, I'll finish working on it.

In the meanwhile, I've been working on something simpler:
I'll leave you to figure out as much about the game as possible, I'm wondering how easy to get into it is.

Feb 18 2014 Anchor

Hey there

I am new to the Game Dev Stuff and was told to post here. So here is my WIP game that I have spent a week on and I'm trying to get the word out. I have made a trailer and might run a kickstarter if enough people are wanting to play it. Currently all I want to do is form a large community and perhaps gather some other people to help the developement.
So this is the concept:
Visiting your Local Park, you notice that this is the first time the place has been deserted. There is absolutely nobody around so you investigate this problem. On a walk around the park you notice that there is a gaping hole in the wall leading into the forest. Curious, you trek into the forest only to find that the climate drastically changes and there is no way out once you are in. Lost in a Frozen wasteland you start to see people, items, fires and signs of life that you will need to follow to get out of this numbing blizzard.

Here is the Trailer:
Here is the Facebook Page:

Thanks for your Time :)

Feb 19 2014 Anchor

Theocade. I responded to your original post in the other thread. I'm glad to see that you made it here. To sum up my last response, it looks good. Can the player become snow blind? I'm also wondering if the game has anything to do with surviving the cold, or are you simply lost?

Is there a demo we can try?

Aurioch: I hope you finish Tank City. A break is all you need, but if you wait too long, you know what might happen!

I played Bouncy Ball. At first I thought it was not my type of game (I usually need a theme, and dislike pure reflex games), but something made me stick with it. The first few levels have a nice level of challenge and a reasonable learning curve. The levels are designed to teach you as you play, and there's quite a bit of skill acquisition as you re-attempt each level. The quick restarts and limitless lives help limit frustration. This means that each time that I play a level, I get a little bit better. I like that.

Unfortunately, I hit my limit where you do that long dodging drop down the left side, and then have to do a series of horizontal bounces across the bottom. I think it's the 4th level. I found the horizontal section extremely difficult, and quit out of frustration. Being able to choose power ups might help a player who dislikes a certain aspect of your game overcome "unreasonable" levels (this is sort of like the Nuke in my game). Instead of lives, the player can have access to certain limited modes that allows him or her to break game rules.

Mar 2 2014 Anchor

Damn Bouncy Ball is addictive... But man is it unforgiving as well! It's probably me but I find those horizontal corridors in the first level are hard to get through. I've been playing for almost 20 minutes and I keep failing in the zigzag bends. :P But again it's very addictive already. Perhaps add a simple opening level?

Autumn looks very stylized! I like the desaturated look and going for bright grey instead of the usual darkness. Do you have any gameplay online? Also does the entire game take place in the park/forrest or do you escape from it eventually?

I played version 16 and it's much improved from the last time I played it. I see you've further improved the interface and added a lot of different ships. Love the
'alien clawing at your hull' thingy and the weird fireball... balls? :P I found shields, single fire and repair bot to be very useful. Didn't really bother with the stabilisors because I didn't notice a big difference with them. Nice to find a balance between shields, speed and rof.

We've got the first open beta gameplay videos of Dead Cry (previously known as Z-Day) online:
Ambience effects courtesy of BombadeerStudios :)

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Mar 3 2014 Anchor

Gee, I'm suprised that people actually like that simple concept :O
To be honest, I'm getting a lot (that is, 100% out of... 5 people who tried) about level design. I'll have to learn to produce better levels, using the rule I just "rediscovered": if I can finish the level without problems, doesn't mean others can. Also, I'm planning to do levels of all sorts of difficulty, so insane levels will remain for those who love challenge. However, I'm atm keeping the level count down (this demo has only 4 level, that's why last level is borderline insane) because (re)writing the level makes all my levels obsolete as I have to accomodate to new versions, especially as I have to add 2 more gameplay elements.

Autumn trailer looks beautiful during the first part (one near the house). And for the second part... I like as well that it's rather desaturated as opposed to "almost complete darknesssssss" most survival horrors these days are going for.

I don't know why, but Dead Cry reminds me of Quake. Truth be told, I didn't play Far Cry (no money as student + not that much interested in FPS games anymore), but Dead Cry has piqued my interest. Just one question - will the whole game (mod) be that dark?

Mar 4 2014 Anchor

Well the mod does darken the overall look of the game. Far Cry 3 is quite bright by default. With that said, this is one of the darkest levels, along with the swamp which is almost pitch black. Other levels take place during the day and are much brighter. This is also part of our goal to make each level unique and different:

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Mar 11 2014 Anchor

Wee, I've managed to roll a new build, and changed name into something that could become more appropriate. (name info)

This demo features easier levels, two new tricks, functional Options menu and one nice suprise (no, not graphical update). I hope that next version I'll manage to get or make some decent sprites. For suprise, let's just say that I made F1 and F2 functional. Also, I've refrained myself from making too big levels as my level editor has many quirks I need to remove before proceeding.

As always, feedback is welcomed. I also have 3 questions: is it game fun, and should I make an entry for it here on IndieDB. And would you like to see it on Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS.

Apr 16 2014 Anchor ChopperYour mission today - STAY ALIVE !!The most awaited helicopter game free! The gameplay is very simple. Touching the screen will accelerate the helicopter to move up and releasing the touch will drop the copter down. You shoud avoid the helicopter touching the Hurdles and the walls of the cave on top and bottom.Featuring:- Simple play, tap anywhere on the screen to fly- Global Leaderboards- Cute graphic style- Gameplay recordingBe a Top scorer, and challenge your friends!!Available on the App Store. Cookieplease.

May 13 2014 Anchor

Hello everyone,

We are a new start up and just began running three Fistful of Frags games on our servers.

Is there any suggestions that the community has for us. We are working towards a full launch in the next few weeks so any ideas are valued.


Jun 12 2014 Anchor

Seems cool.

My new project.
About: In Liveout you are stuck in an abandoned insane asylum which also was used as a hospital, and a prison during its time of use. The game features great emphasis on sound and atmosphere. You will face ghosts of past investigators who tried to venture inside Mount Relic, prisoners, mental patients and devious wolfes and genuine scares...

Any feedback appreciated

Aug 8 2014 Anchor

Hello everyone,
Thank you for setting up this Thread, so people can share their cool stuffs here. Here is the project I've been working on for few months. 'Jellosmash' is a sweet brick breaker game which just released on the iPhone App Store and Google Play. Thank you for paying attention.Trailer

Oct 16 2014 Anchor

Hey everyone. I want to share a little bit info about my 3D platformer I am working on. I think this genre is dying now and It is my favorite genre by the way, remember all good times playing ps1,ps2 :) Waiting for comments- opinions, critics and advices! Thanks. I plan to make a IndieDB Page with this game and post game progress ;)
Main character model:

First gameplay video (Controls test)

Some screens:
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

Oct 28 2014 Anchor

Hi, I’ve just recently published my first game to the Google Play Store.

It still needs more development. Please Play/Test this game for me. I would love to here your feedback.
Check it out by clicking the link below:

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Nov 9 2014 Anchor

Hello Tim_Z, I tried out your BubbleApp and it looks like a fun first game with a lot going on.

We are actually working on our first game too. It's called Sol Avenger. We have a trailer on youtube and of course on

In Sol Avenger, a united Earth has begun to colonize our solar system. You can choose between a male and female pilot, and both happen to be far from Earth when craft of unknown origin lay siege to our precious blue ball, and one by one the rest of the planets in our solar system fall under Bivalvian alien control. Your pilot will explore the sandbox world of Sol Avenger. Do the storyline at your leisure and when you are on the go, you can enjoy all the expansive universe has to offer.

Selected Screen Shots of Sol Avenger

So we have done a lot of research about the best times to release a kickstarter and we have decided on early 2015, in February. Depending on how well we do, the game will be released at some time that year. The game certainly is in alpha and it plays really well both on pc and out Galaxy phones. One of the really promising aspects is it is already fun to us, as well as other gamers we have let play it.

So this will the first post of many. We are really excited to see the community interest and get people to take a look at Sol Avenger.

Dec 17 2014 Anchor

Hey everyone! Thank you for this thread as it helps indie developers like ourselves showcase our games/projects to a wider audience around the world :)

I just released an Android (iOS in January) arcade beat em' up 2D game just a week ago titled "Momentum" where players fight off endless waves of enemies by swiping or double-tapping them. The challenge is that players have a depleting Momentum bar overtime and to prevent the player's Momentum from hitting zero, they have to fight. A queue of moves will be displayed at the top and players have to perform the moves in the main square in order to gain Momentum.

Here is my game on the Google Play Store :) This is the basic concept of my game when I first drafted it out. I assure you more updates will roll in including tweaking the game's mechanics, enhancements to make the game feel better and more content like new modes, environments and maybe skins! (and of course bug fixes)

I hope y'all can give my game a shot and provide feedback on my game on how it could be improved or just general comments/compliments :) I'm an entry-level indie developer from Singapore and this is my first game. Our game industry here is still extremely young, let alone the indie game community. I hope to trail blaze indie game development and inspire like-minded folks in my home country by starting off on this path and I hope y'all can help me on this journey :)

Dec 23 2014 Anchor

Kozacko :D

Mar 5 2015 Anchor

Let's start again with the approach of GC_Vos and some useable feedback to the above projects.

At first I was slightly irritated by the IndieDB Page. The Second Icon after Kickstarter should be centered.
Then I explored your page and I realized - you just created an exploration game of your first entry :) nice. To be more serious, the game description is incredibly long and I really wondered how long it will be until the latest news and details appear.

I also watched your current video and took some notes
- Why is there no single scene where you destroy enemy ships? And when there is one I didn't recognize it. There should be more battles where you interact with opponents.
- The music is great. Hopefully there are much more tracks of this style.
- Is there a smooth transition from the planet's surface into space? In the video you cut two scenes together so that it wasn't really possible to tell
- place some enemies on the planet's surface as well as some turrets on the buildings and I would say. Wow! Hopefully those features or something similar will follow.

And yeah! Show me more ships, weapons and abilities. In your video, give me a quick tour on what will be in the final game or what will I be able to unlock etc...
So that's it for you guys. Good Luck! Btw. I', missing a Newsletter!

->-> I'm now
- watching your game on IndieDB,
- following you on Twitter with all our accounts.
- liked you on Facebook
and try to share your posts whenever I get some good news from you.

When I first saw your game and watched the video I thought of words like: Old-school, retro, duke, action, hard to play...
Now that I have installed and played the game I'm thinking of words like: Ultra hard to play, action and challenging. I will try it again this evening, when I'm on the train back home. :) So far I made it through the tutorial but tried the first level several times and failed. Perhaps you should create a much smoother learning curve (or I'm just dumb and definitely the wrong guy for this game, who knows). Another aspect would be to improve the gesture input. Sometimes I feel like "I f*cking tipped, swiped etc. this guy but my hero only moved to a position instead of kick, fight etc..."

All in All the game feels good. No lags, no graphic errors, small and simple installation. I would also accept some advertisements between the levels. I don't know if you monetize it in some way?

I would love to see more levels, level up my hero, perhaps have the option to unlock one ability per level and do some other cool action jumps and kicks.

->-> I'm now
- watching your game on IndieDB,
- following you on Twitter with all our accounts
and try to share your posts whenever i get some good news from you.

Those two tests and texts took me 27 minutes, including playing one of the games. Hopefully some of you guys find the same time for all the other projects as well or for my one :).

We are currently developing Submerge. It is a fast paced, tactical survival game with main focus on thrilling matches. In a dangerous underwater world you control a squad of hero-like units and hunt down other players in order to survive longer than every other player - it's hunt or being hunted!

It combines the players passion for Hero Units from „Dota" with the beloved tactical fighting and moving behaviors from Starcraft - but without any waiting times for matches to begin!
Control a squad of multiple units with unique abilities. Before joining a match you decide which units you want to bring to battle to challenge the other player's strategies. The fight takes place deep down, below the ocean's surface. In the beautiful underwater world, the wild life is not only colorful and pretty to watch, but also aggressively going after your units. Stand your ground against 15 different players at once.

We aim for first gameplay tests in June/July. To get news about the upcoming tests enlist now for our newsletter.

or follow our social portals.

Very excited to hear your thoughts!

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Use this chance to support a highly innovative tactic game. No other strategy game allows you to connect in a running session without having some huge disadvantages ingame. Submerge offers you no more waiting time in the lobby and no more searching for players. If there is a running game you can just join without handicap. Play the way like it still exist in many third person shooters.
User Posted Image   

Mar 7 2015 Anchor

I'm interested in teaming up with some other people dedicated enough to work on a Dune mod. I've been considering how the experiences would differ depending on the game used. I've been considering these but am open to others:

Mount and Blade:Warband
Crusader Kings 2

I am not code-savvy but I am particularly interested in story and other content. My friends who make their own games don't share my connection with the Dune books and this should be a project from passion.

Firstly, how does someone connect with the necessary people to make this happen?

I'll make a thread for this if there is any interest shown, but I'd love to get people's input into what they'd like to see happen or be avoided.

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