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Dec 9 2018 Anchor

Hi everyone!

What are the video games you continue to replay over and over again for the last year / 2 / 5? And why?

My team and I are currently working on a roguelike shooter which we intent to make endlessly replayable.

Your insights are much appreciated

Feb 12 2019 Anchor

There is no difference in the reason why we keep playing a game, and why we play it again.

The reason is an unknown element that is suggested that its there, BUT we dont know when we are going resolve it.

Best example is speedruning. The better time is suggested to be possible,BUT we dont know when are we going to reach it, so we keep playing and replaying until it happens.

Feb 14 2019 Anchor

I think the main thing that produces high replay value is new content. Specifically, the player's expectations of new content. When the game runs out of content and the player doesn't expect anything new anymore, there are still some challenges left. But they should be fun and not boring.

When the game runs out of new content and new challenges, it's time to put the game aside. Nothing is truly infinite. (Well, almost nothing.)

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

--Albert Einstein

Feb 16 2019 Anchor

For me it's if the core game mechanics are fun. For instance, in your game if I enjoy the basic shooting mechanics - the level of skill required, the way npcs react to being shot, how much though is required when engaging groups of enemies that sort of thing - then I'd probably replay the game but something like collecting loot is less interesting to me.

Feb 20 2019 Anchor

TBH there's no game which I replay over n over in the past years. I rather play new game than replaying a game. If I replay a game, it's more because I want to play that game and not in certain period.

Neglecting period and time stuffs, the reason I replay a game is simply because I love the gameplay. I did replay some games to get different ending but only if I love gameplay those games give

Mar 7 2019 Anchor

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