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Jan 22 2013 Anchor
Hello everyone, :)

I would like to introduce Fruity Jelly, an action/puzzle game available for free on iPhone and iPad.

Here's the official trailer:

Control Jelly, only survivor from his village. Tilt and rotate the
levels in order to eat all the fruits and to reach the exit!

• Universal application for iPhone and iPad

• 60 levels and more to come!

• Touch gestures to break boxes, move the cubes and more!

• Tons of secretes and mysteries...will you find all the stars?

• 2 ways to play, accelerometer or touch? You choose!

• Regular updates with new levels and new jellies!

• New checkpoints to give you a more enjoyable adventure.

• New worlds to explore and new gameplay features!

Scorsoft Official Website:



Fruity Jelly sur iTunes:

Feb 15 2013 Anchor

Epic trailer.

But what about all us opensource android lovers :-(.


Update: 2011-06-04

We are still in need of some extra people to join the team. The most urgent of which is an animator.

We have created a new post recently with more up to date information on the project and what we have created so far:


Feb 20 2013 Anchor

Neat little game with quite a bit of charm, particular with the music. Few things I'd like to critique if you don't mind :P

With a game like this where the general aesthetic seems to be simplicity, both in terms of it's context (artstyle, music etc.) and gameplay, I think particular on a mobile device, it all comes down to making the experience as streamlined and as fast as possible.

Take a look at Angry Birds. The game makes it easy to just pick up, play a couple of levels, and then quit. This is one of it's strengths. The whole game is built around the player having a short bursts of interaction. In regards to your title, I definitely think it would benefit from having a few things cut out, as well as optimized particularly in terms of loading times.

For example, when you pick up a star, perhaps just show the graphic in the top right hand corner of the screen without taking control away from the player. The instructions/tutorials at the beginning of the levels are also a bit haphazard. Try and think of a more subtle way you could teach the mechanics to the player without resorting to text.

theweirdn8 One of the owners of PawByte
Feb 26 2013 Anchor

Dude epic art. What did you use to develop this game?


Short and simple

Nightshade Technical Artist
Feb 28 2013 Anchor

My hat is off to you - the game looks great!


Technical Artist @ King - an Activision Blizzard division
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