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adriantalens Nocturnal audio wiz
Oct 22 2014 Anchor

What are some games you really liked but never really got the same attention as bigger games? Any obscure gems, hidden treasures to share? Anyone play any of these?

Bushido Blade [PSX]
Brave Fencer Musashi [PSX]
Secret Of Evermore [SNES]
Little Nemo: Dream Master [NES]
Ogre Battle [PSX]


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Oct 31 2014 Anchor

Bushido Blade was an instant classic for me and my little brother. We played that game until the CD was unreadable.

Wet {360}. It surprises me how few of my friends actually have played or even heard of this game.

Nov 13 2014 Anchor

Bushido Blade was an amazing game, one of my favorite fighting games of all time. I also really liked Rival Schools for the PS1.

Finally I don't know if anyone else played it, but Gladius for the PS2/GC/XBOX was a really good Turn Based tactical RPG. Kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics but set in mythical Roman times. It was a Lucas Arts game but it never really took off. Gladius had a really unique game mechanic where they mixed different skill bars into the different attacks.

Nov 13 2014 Anchor

Well, Fighter Maker 2 for the PS2 is sure obscure, but I've had fun creating very original fighters with unusual move-sets if you can get past of all the bugs and glitches. It might also gives you an idea on how 3d fighter games work too, well most of it.

Nov 22 2014 Anchor

Riddle of the Sphinx for the Atari 2600 kept me in front of the TV for weeks when I was a kid.

Later, The Immortal for Sega Genesis was bloody for its time. The Game of Thrones of its day ('90 or '91 I think).

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Dec 3 2014 Anchor

Bushido Blade was an awesome game, and I feel so stupid for selling it years ago.

Some of my favourite obscure games that I own are Wild 9, Discworld, Gex and Skullmonkeys.

Dec 8 2014 Anchor

One I always like to bring up is Mobile Light Force for the PlayStation. Looking at the box art only it's no wonder the game was more popular. Game's a lot of fun though.

Jan 3 2015 Anchor

Buck Bumble (N64), it was fun just flying around the garden shooting things with bigger and more elaborate weapons. Silicone Valley (N64) puzzle plat former you had to take over robotical creatures to solve. You could beat the whole thing in just 12 lvls if you wanted to, but you missed so much if you did.

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Jan 11 2015 Anchor

Carrier (Dreamcast).


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Jan 15 2015 Anchor

Okage shadow king (PS2)
Panzer Dragoon (Saturn)


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Jun 24 2015 Anchor

Blasto (PS1)

Nergal01 #MakeArcadeGreatAgain
Jun 24 2015 Anchor

S.L.A.I/Steel Lancer Arena International: Phantom Crash


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ExtraMana Amateur Modder
Jul 28 2015 Anchor

Shogo Mobile Armour Division (Pc)

Hyperdimension Neptunia series (PsVita/Ps3/Pc)



Jul 31 2015 Anchor

Two games always come to mind when talking obscure games:

Syvalion: Syvalion is an SNES and Arcade game it's a fun game to play when you've got nothing else to play, but don't get to invested in it since on a first playthrough you can beat it in 10 minutes.

Ristar: Ristar is one of my favorite video games of all time, it kinda has a similar feel to the Genesis Sonic games mostly due to the graphics, but unlike Sonic the game is much slower paced but it still is incredibly fun and challenging even though it can get a bit rough at times (Like the final boss fight) it never felt unfair nor frustrating to me. I'm really glad Sega likes to put this game on a lot of there collections.

Aug 4 2015 Anchor

My top three are probably

  • Street Fighter 2010
  • Faxanadu
  • Bushido Blade

All games I spent way too much time with back in the day.

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May 4 2016 Anchor


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May 5 2016 Anchor

Let's see:

  • Denjin Makai [arcade]
  • Guardians/Denjin Makai 2 [arcade]
  • Chimera Beast [arcade]
  • Demon Front [arcade]
  • Super Gussun Oyoyo 1 & 2 [SNES]
  • Ghost Chaser Densei [SNES] (it's actually Denjin Makai with lesser characters but more specials)
  • Armored Warriors [arcade]

I might miss some games but those games not promoted well and I knew about them from the Internet

Apr 18 2019 Anchor


If I want to make my list then list always my mind.

  • Street Fighter 2010
  • Faxanadu
  • Chimera Beast [arcade]
  • Demon Front [arcade]
  • Panzer Dragoon (Saturn)


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