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Dec 31 2017 Anchor

Hi, everyone. Mod DB is the only place I know for mod developers (not for hosting mods), so I came here for help. What I'd like to know, is there any way to do dll redirection? For example I have d3d8.dll and there's a function. Game calls this function from this dll, but I want to make a wrapper of d3d8.dll. It also calls d3d8.dll with the same function name and return value, but it executes mydll.dll which does the thing. Thanks.

Nightshade Technical Artist
Jun 17 2018 Anchor

I don't understand.
What game is this for? What language is the code written in? What do you want to accomplish?
If you want the game to call your wrapper (you mention mydll.dll) with the same function call then the only way you can do that is if you have access to the source code and can change the includes (reference to d3d8.dll) followed by building a new executable with the altered source code.

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