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Design the new Cover/Box-art for Silver Symbiosis! (Forums : Contests & Jams : Design the new Cover/Box-art for Silver Symbiosis!) Locked
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Aug 28 2013 Anchor

Be sure to enter at

We are remaking the cover art! Right now we are still brainstorming. We have several ideas but more ideas would definitely be welcome!

If you have an idea for the cover art, please submit it to the group via the "Contest Entries" folder.

Remember, if your idea gets chosen it will be used as the cover art for the game!

You can see the individual elements already submitted in the "Logos and Signs" folder and are welcome to use them in your entry WITH PROPER CREDIT GIVEN. You are by no means limited to them however.

Entries will be judged on CONCEPT rather than EXECUTION. This means that if your idea is good enough, it doesn't matter what the artwork is like. If the winner’s artwork is not great however, then it will be used as a blueprint and remade rather than used as is.

Entries can be written descriptions with or without visual art, though ones WITH a visual element will have extra weight.

As I will be entering it myself I shall not be involved with judging it, instead I have asked several people involved in various aspects of the Game and/or IT industry to judge.

Cover art should be in the style of, invoke the mood of, the game and used to communicate the focus of the game.

Lastly, don't cram too much into the cover art. Think of this image as a one sentence summary you'd like to capture someone's attention with. If you try to tell them too many things they'll forget the first thing you started with. So keep the idea simple, keep it focused and keep it loyal to the way the game plays.

If you have any questions about the game and cannot find the info on here, feel free to ask me.

Deadline: September 30th with judging taking place over the following week.

Justin Lawrence (Animator):… - Yes
Bobby Buffum (Programmer): - Yes
Mike Kalmbach (Programmer): - Yes
Eben Illingworth(Product Marketing):… - Yes
Davence Young (Cosplay costume and prop designer/builder): - Maybe

The prizes so far are:
• Winning cover art IDEA actually gets used (whether it gets used as-is or merely as a blueprint depends on the quality of the entry)
• Short story by me :iconc-hillman: featuring the winner's OC(s)
• Digital painting by :iconarekage:
• Drawing by :iconnightenscythe:

With (hopefully) more to be donated

This was my idea:
Evan and the Rock Goblin Champion in the foreground, Satan in his third form in the background. I still like the crossed swords though... so maybe their blades still crossed, kinda leave it unclear whether they are saluting or fighting each other.

And this is what I gave Nightenscythe for character descriptions:… is a face-pic of
Evan and this one is a POSSIBLE one of his sister Aina:… though I don't really like how it turned out.

They are farm-kids, their starting outfits are jeans and t-shirts with work boots, with optional hoodies and leather work-gloves.

And if you lost the link these are the Rock Goblins (he did the artwork quite a while ago):…

They are 15 year old twins from a small, futuristic, farming village in the mountains. (2070 A.D.) Thanks to the Symbiote they have metallic silver hair and liquid silver irises. They stand 5ft8inch (Aina) and 6ft2inch (Evan)

Evan is a typical farmboy, used to hauling bales of hay and so on while Aina is something of a tomboy and is used to the same type of work. Their sword and shield are referenced in the Equipment Concept folder.

The ultimate armor is a set (tops and bottoms) of "Nanotech Prototype Armor Model "S"", no concept has yet been done for it so let your imagination loose. Just remember that the boots, gauntlets, and helmet are separate so they won't quite match up, and an overcoat or cloak of some sort is optional equipment so that is up to you.

Satan's 3 forms are an

  1. "Angel of Light" (The form from when he was the head angel, before the fall, and bathed in the glow of false-glory)
  2. standard "Demon" similar to the Demon Lord referenced in the Creature Concept folder
  3. and

  4. a "Demonic Giant" with obsidian-black skin that is cracked to show lava underneath and enormous horns.
Aug 28 2013 Anchor

Good art,and interesting story!

Aug 28 2013 Anchor

Think you'll be entering though?


August 30th @ 8:39am USA Eastern

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with these forums... Almost no-one responds...

Edited by: Cadh20000

Feb 28 2014 Anchor

I wouldn't be joining this...

Im sure that other people have looked at it and said:

Because, people don't have enough "Current Concepts"
It's a bit stupid if you make a cover for a game and then you discard it later
because it doesn't fit in.

I think you should also put the 3D models up for download so people can texture them.

Cadh20000 wrote: Sometimes I wonder why I bother with these forums... Almost no-one responds...

Well it's probably because of your conditions.

I think maybe you can provide more concept art and re post this one.

TKAzA Community Manager
Feb 28 2014 Anchor

SinKing did you one, that looked good here.

But you didn't seem to like it, I cant see you getting much better without real artistic guidance.

Cadh20000 wrote: Think you'll be entering though?
August 30th @ 8:39am USA Eastern
Sometimes I wonder why I bother with these forums... Almost no-one responds...

You may find people wont jump at a chance to spend hours doing cover work art for it to simply be considered.
You also might find that people tend to want somthing back for their work, unless you can find a artist that wants to volunteer to help your game.

You might aswell get your current art team to produce the cover art, rather than outsourcing this one specific task to the public.

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