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Feb 3 2020 Anchor

Hello modders,

I got bored lately and decided to play an old favorite of mine “Darkest of Days”.
If you don't know the game yet you should definitely check it out. Either you'll hate it or you'll love it.

To sum the game up shortly: You travel through time and take part in some major battles in history like the Battle of Antietam or the Eastern Front in WW1.

There are also modding tools to develop your own maps and missions. I gave it a shot and somehow ended up building the battlegrounds of Gettysburg. The map not 100% accurate but you get the idea.

GB Arial

The map from above

Road to GB

Road to Gettysburg


Gettysburg Streets

Devils Den Conf

Devils Den from the Confederate view

Devils Den Union

Devils Den from the Union view

PC from Stonewall

Pikett's Charge from the Union view

PC from Conf

Pikett's Charge from the Confederate view

DD Engagement

Devils Den Engagement

My vision was to create a dynamic battlefield with small skirmishes happening around the player, a kind of open world experience where the player can approach objectives freely and big major engagements with hundreds of NPCs. I invested some time into the project but currently I'm not able to continue the work.

As we all know the real world is demanding our full attention from time to time ;)

Is anyone interested in taking it further?

Best regards!

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Feb 4 2020 Anchor

That looks awesome! Great work on your mod, the modding tools must be pretty robust for the game? Seems like a really cool game too, surprised I haven't heard of it, will definitely be checking it out, so thanks for the recommendation :)

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