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Mar 21 2017 Anchor

Dear Mods

Is it possible to have something set up, so when someone responds to a comment you left you see a that there is a response on the site? Like, increasing your Message or Thread count for example. It seems ridiculous that you have to view another site to know if someone has responded to something you said on this site.

Apr 25 2017 Anchor

This is also something that has been bugging me for years: as a mod developer I need to check every page individually to see whether any new comments have been posted there, which means that I won't ever notice when people post comments on older images or articles (and even if I did somehow happen to notice, it's unlikely that the person who left the comment would ever see my reply anyhow).

We really need some sort of notification system that notifies developers of any new comment posted anywhere on their mod's profile pages and as Thr111 mentioned, it should indeed also notify all other users when someone leaves a comment on a page where they themselves have commented. This would significantly improve how well mod and game developers are able to support and inform our players.


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