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May 25 2014 Anchor

I want an honest option if you fellow members think it's still worthwhile to map and or mod for CoD4. I know how to make iwd and have modding experience. Just need to focus on radiant.

Currently CoD4 Multiplayer 1.7 has 4,050 servers

If there's any other FPS games with much higher server number let me know. I think Counter strike Source might have more. Haven't checked in a while.

I basically don't want to waste time but yet I want to map/mod. Wouldn't want to make some maps and find out no one plays them after months of work.

Reborn:X Waiting...
May 27 2014 Anchor

I would restrain from making maps for CoD4. If you want a lively game and a challenge you should try Project Reality.


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May 28 2014 Anchor

You mean Project Reality for Battlefield 2? I took a look at that and a few BF2 mods. I noticed they get much more viewers, watchers, comments ect. I'll have to buy a copy of Battlefield 2. I can get BF2 complete with expansion packs for $20 on steam. Though I might want to buy it after they fix it due to the gamespy shutdown?

I think I would be great to learn the frostbite engine. Then after releasing some mods for BF2, I could move to newer Battlefield games and port some of the work over (maps ect.).

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