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Aug 27 2016 Anchor

This is fourth test version of my E1M1 of UAC Branch. I really need your feedback and opinions. The usual story: our hero disentangle next misstep of UAC and eliminate next the horde of Hell.

MOD: Gameplay for Brutal Doom mod v20(b) only
ENGINE: GZDoom, ZDoom, Zandronum 3.0-alpha (version 2.1.2 is not working with Named Scripts)
RENDERER: OpenGL (very reccomended!) and Software
DM POINTS: Coming soon

P.S.: Please, reply without slang, because I'm badly speak English and using Google Translate


  1. More, more and MOOOORRRRRRREEEEE ("море" in Russian meaning "sea", lol) NEW DESTROYABLE STUFF!!!!!
  2. Compatibility with Zandronum 3.0-alpha (version 2.1.2 is not working with Named Scripts)
  3. It's working in Software Renderer, even with little misses
  4. PRESENT FOR YOU! Brutal Doom with ~90% bug fixes by my friend Iddqd_Idkfa_Idclip. (LOOK HERE)

Enjoy it!! :3

Q: What is [GMW]?

A: My "brand" :D It's meaning - (Doom)Gabr's MegaWad

Q: When are E1M2?! I'm tired of waiting for this!

A: It will come with E1M3, and besides I'm working on my first mod, working in real life, attend in University soon and other. I'll often try to update my Doom projects. Thank you for understanding!


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