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Orion The Chosen One
Oct 10 2009 Anchor

I know a lot of you have recently suffered some issues with broken downloads while trying to get your mod and game files here on ModDb. I had this very same problem earlier tonight while trying to download a file when my broadband connection dropped! I wasn't using a Download Manager at the time and was simply relying on the standard Firefox download.

Anyway, I was gutted when the connection dropped, especially considering that the download was 98% complete at 219MB! I checked the folder I was downloading the file into and I noticed I had both the .PART and a .ZIP files as usual. So... I did a little research into how i could possibly resume the .PART file which had a size equaling the 219MB already downloaded. I found the following solution and it worked perfectly for me without the aid of any DL managers! All that's required is good old Firefox and your .PART file! (funnily enough, the poster of the solution is also named Orion! lolz :P )

Orion188 wrote: It IS completely possible to do that with Firefox itself.
I know it is too late considering the last post on this thread, but I want to share the solution with other people who might have this problem.

1- you have two files on the destination folder. One with the original name and one with an extra ".PART" extension. Move both of these files to some other folder (Move! not copy)

2- Start your download again from the beginning (you have access to the download link, don't you?)

3- Let it download a few bytes, just to have those two files created again, with the exact same name. Now PAUSE this download.

4- Go to the folder where you backed up those old files. Copy both of these files to your download folder and replace the new created files when asked.

5- Now go to Firefox's Downloads form and resume the download.

That's it!

Source of the above -

I hope that this information is of some help to those Firefox users who suffer broken downloads when grabbing files both here on ModDb and elsewhere! As I said, It worked for me just nicely! I hope it works for you! Good luck! ;)

PS: In order for the above solution to work properly, you have to make sure that you use the Exact Same Mirror as you did before the download broke! Sorry, I forgot to mention that above!


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Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Oct 10 2009 Anchor

If you are using a download manager you can always just copy the new url to the existing download it works the same way.


Nov 8 2009 Anchor

That's some good information to have Orion.Glad I caught this.

I just finished putting mt FFox back together after one of those "What the hell "moments and lost a sizable download
in the process and started all over.I'll keep a copy of this tip for the future .


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Nov 26 2009 Anchor

My Firefox browser isn't currently working. But why do I always get a blank page when I try to download anything from this site with IE 8 ? I am totally cluless... :(

Orion The Chosen One
Nov 26 2009 Anchor

Hmmm, I wasn't aware of this IE8 issue before now. I just tried a few random download links via IE8 myself and I get a "The webpage cannot be found" error on each one. Whereas they work perfectly fine with FF. I'll send a PM to Scott asking if there's a known issue and then report back here. (That's if he doesn't post here himself in the meantime tho).

In the meantime tho I'd advise to try and uninstall and reinstall FF and then see if it works again for you. If this fails then try grabbing a copy of Advanced SystemCare 3 and use it to clean up your system registry and try the FF reinstall again and see what happens. It should work! Good Luck! ;)

Update: It looks like while this IE8 issue occurs straight after clicking the "Download Now" link on the download page... Clicking the "Mirror" link where it says "if it doesn't start automatically or try another mirror" in the pop-up window, actually works and allows you to select another mirror. This will work for you until the main issue is resolved. ;)

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Nov 27 2009 Anchor

Wow, thanks for the help, Orion. :)
I'll try the trick with the mirror...

Edit : Call me stupid, but I can't find any pop-up window anywhere near the "Mirrors" heading. Nor is the "Mirrors" heading clickable, if that's what you meant. :|

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Orion The Chosen One
Nov 27 2009 Anchor

Can you please send me a screenshot of what you see after clicking the "Download Now" links in a PM?

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Nov 28 2009 Anchor

Orion wrote: Can you please send me a screenshot of what you see after clicking the "Download Now" links in a PM?

Gah, I just realized, what I was doing wrong ! :P Silly me... ;( :redface: I think it'll work now. Thanks for all the help anyway. ;)

Dec 16 2009 Anchor

Wow! So long have I been cut off at the end of a download, Now I can fix it, Thanks for finding this

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Dec 28 2009 Anchor

This happens to Google Chrome as well broken downloads are very annoying :rolleyes:

Feb 6 2010 Anchor

All mods i downloaded with idm is corrupt. When i try to open with winrar or 7zip it only extract a small portion. Any ideas?

May 1 2010 Anchor

can someone help me after i downloaded a patch when im extracting it corrupt and says diagnostic message??????stuff--------HELP!!!!

Jul 14 2010 Anchor

Want to be equipped? Visit - TRUSTDOWNLOAD and download Internet Download Manager

Sep 10 2010 Anchor

I have on several occassions tried to download the 1.7 Full Auto-Installer version using Download Accelerator Plius.

Due to the size of the file I never manage to download it in one day. So when I stop the download in the evening and continue the next morning it never resumes. For some reason this is not supported.

So I now let the download continue over night. Once completed when I ran the executable file it said "This file contains invalid data".
I'm not sure what to do so any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Jun 6 2011 Anchor

When I click the Download now button the pop-up just 404's. Help?

Nov 9 2011 Anchor

thx for sharing it help me generally

Dec 15 2012 Anchor

When i try to donwload, this comes up: The file you have selected (The file im trying to donwload) is not available via any mirrors. Please check back shortly as our servers update every 5 minutes.

Dec 15 2012 Anchor

Hey Guys at start my English is bad :D

My problem i download ZEQ 2- Lite F1 and Two. I have an Mac Book Air and cant play Revolution. Cause i download the Lite Edition the normal ZEQ 2 Lite runs. F1 and Two is Downloaded. At Start they do nothing what is the Fail?


Jun 21 2013 Anchor

For who have problems with 'no mirrors', try cleaning your cache OR use another browser. Worked for me, my Firefox wasn't working for the download, I just switched and could get the mod.

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TKAzA Community Manager
Aug 12 2014 Anchor

Ive had no issues with firefox, if you do have issues, try shutting off plugins or blockers for moddb / indiedb then try again.
Honestly had more issues with chrome over the years ergo my switch back to firefox.

Oct 29 2014 Anchor

Okay, read the thread, thanks for the info, I am ussing FDM, and Firefox, my OS is still Windows XP service pack 3, I have this problem. all my big downloads stop on 59%, why 59% every time beat me, and I cant get FDM, to continue with the download.
What have I tried: Let XP use ist default downloader, guese what, stops at 59%, have done a google search, seems this a problem lots of people are experiencing from many sites, anyone here have an idea what is happening?
PS, downloads of up to +_ 400meg, go through, no problem, and I am getting no "Time out" message,


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