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Dec 20 2016 Anchor

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

Some may think I'm advertising now (which I really am) but I made this song for programmers like you guys, who want to just have a peaceful rest after programming, and I simple want to spread the word.

So hope everyone's having a great day and night, I have spent about 10 hours creating this piece of relaxing music on FL studio, which incorporates, birds singing, cinematic music, and the occasional wave. This may be great for listening to while your programming, or just to lie down and listen to.

I uploaded this piece onto youtube at

Hopefully you will check it out, it is really relaxing, if you did enjoy please share, so other people will be able to hear the joy.

Please leave down below of what you think of it, and what I should do in upcoming music.

Thanks everyone, have a great day and night :)

Nightshade Technical Artist
Dec 26 2016 Anchor

Link isn't working - it says "This video is unavailable."

But I would assume it's something along the lines of the Ambient -genre? (like this, from my Ambient list on youtube:

I wouldn't say it's something I listen to when I code. When I code I want something with high energy, like Electro House, Synthwave or Drum 'n Bass (like this kind of energy level:


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Dec 27 2016 Anchor

To first post:
Why is the video private? I have no Google account, nor any other social media account to log into. So I can't state what I think about the video. :(

Mar 21 2017 Anchor

When I program I listen to trance... Works great. Just sit back, put on some trance and work the magic.

Apr 12 2017 Anchor

As long as its music and no voice. I cant concentrate when theres someone talking, even if its singing.

May 9 2017 Anchor

SimmeD Trance music never fails!

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