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Jul 18 2017 Anchor

Hi there!

I'm going to be honest with you, I am not a professional writer. I would like to be, but I just haven't reached that yet. I am hoping to expand my portfolio while at the same time helping a group of passionate individuals like myself achieve a dream goal and produce amazing material!

I will work for free.

I have a focus on fantasy, and on writing lore pieces and background information, but I am always happy to write about anything so long as the project team are passionate and willing to cooperate!

I hope you will consider me to join your team!

Private message me if interested!



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Aug 1 2017 Anchor

I am writer there but also not too professional

maybe I can help?

Aug 6 2017 Anchor

Like your attitude. I'm new to making games. I've nearly finished the main story for my first turn-based RPG. My main obstacle at the moment is deciding what (preferably free) engine to use (considering Wolf RPG Editor at the moment). Anyway, I haven't written anything about side quests for my game yet. When I eventually figure out exactly how to make my game (probably using wolf though I'm still struggling with it), if you're not too busy, I might like to invite you to help me write some side quest stories about how my characters might help people in exciting and/or emotionally touching ways.
Thanks for reading this post,

Aug 7 2017 Anchor

Ok I would like to help you in it

just add me in Skype - countbagatur1993

or write me in e-mail

you can tell me there about your universe

Mar 1 2018 Anchor

Love your attitude. I wish I can do this too. I used to write a lot back in college but I work in another industry now. However, I can't work for free since there are bills to pay.

Hmm... on another thought, maybe I can also work for free to build up my portfolio during my free time!

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