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Aug 11 2017 Anchor


I'm looking for a small to medium-scale game project to work on during my free time. I am a bit of a generalist, I'll do anything 3D as long as it's close to my style, preferably hand-painted or toon shader kind of stuff. I'm not looking to join a large team, I'm happy to either be the only 3D artist in a small team or work closely with someone else with a similar style and experience. Even if you're a solo programmer with a game demo who needs an artist partner to bring the game to life, hit me up. I can create concepts if needed, though it's not my greatest strength, and UI and other 2D work is best done by someone more skilled at it. :–)

I don't want money, I just want to have a good time and make a game that looks darn good. (This doesn't mean I'll work on your for-profit game for free though! :P) Rev-share projects are cool as long as you're aware of the legalities involved and prepared to carry through with them. I'm a very active and vocal team member, and I'm hoping you are the same - I love to jump on voice chat while working away on stuff for constant flow of feedback and ideas, as well as off-topic banter. Because of this I would highly prefer for us to be in close time zones to each other, or for you to be able to be online at odd hours! I am UTC+2, and available mostly around 7-11 PM on weekdays, and occasionally on weekends as well. I would also prefer to work with people who are 20+ and have some experience under their belts (at least a little, I'm pretty green myself so no pressure!). Please don't ghost me or take days to answer my messages and I promise to not do the same! :D

Here are some of my works!

Feel free to comment with more questions, PM me (is there a PM system here? maybe not oops), or hit me up on Discord at lilacola#1621.

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Aug 12 2017 Anchor

Will add you on Discord


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