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This short Interview will show you, what the Biathon Gamemode is and what you can do there if it is done.

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Why especially a biathlon Gamemode, why not a football mode or something like ice hockey? Wouldnt it be more popular?
Yes it would be definitive more popular than a less known Sport like biathlon is. But look, Football or Icehockey or what ever is something existing already. Sometimes not well made, sometimes very good and working. It makes no deeper sense to release a new version of what is already existing. And so I thought, "Hey Biathlon is an interesting sport, combianting shooting skills and a good condition, could be interesting in a game". And I've found no mode where you play biathlon in Garrysmod and in general in a game if it isn'already published in a special game like wintersport simulations.

And do you think Biathlon is something which can make fun?

Yes, indeed I do. Many of the GMOD modes are with killing lots of zombies, creatures, other players, killing and blood everywhere. Isn't very funny. Sports modes, if it isn't football, are not very often made for GMOD and so I started this project from personal interests which I want to share with others, thinking like me.

How will it Work?
It will be a Gamemode in the future, so you install the mode, select "Biathlon 2011" and the Map and the sports challenge is starting. Maybe you invite your Friends via LAN or it will run sometimes on a Server somewhere in the Internet.

And what will the players have to do there?
If you start the Game and players connect, you enter the Starting line, the Time starts, gates opening, all players run over the snowpists, maybe try to slow others a bit but stay fair and arrive at the shooting range. At the range you start shooting in standing poisotion or in crouch, do your 5 shots to the targets and continue the race. And if u miss you have to do this nice extra round which costs about 10 seconds plus 5 seconds for every additional miss and then continuing the race until you done the rounds and passing the finish line.

Will this work?
I hope so, actually only the 8 SWEPS, designed by KERMITE and modificated by me are working and the Map is in the build phase. Unfortunately I'm not so good in lua so I am searching for interested guys who can help me with the gamemode script.

Hope to see you all on the goal, contact me if you are interested in helping me and supporting the project!

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