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Why I made the changes I did for SCP: Containment Breach.

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So I've got even more to talk about with my mod and would like to thank you all once again for downloading the mod. Let's head on over to the changes.

Quick SlotsQuickSlots

Noticed the numbers above the top row slots? Those are in fact the quick slots! Placing an item in the top row allows you, the player, to select these items hastily with the number row. This can be used strategically to allow players to select their most frequently used items without having to find their item in the inventory menu. Neat change isn't it? It is inspired by Multiplayer Edition's.

No Fog Gas Mask BuffsNoFogGasMask

This gas mask has received some major buffs to incentivize choosing between it and the Super Gas Mask which offers infinite stamina at the cost of covering the player's screen in fog. The No Fog Gas Mask when worn will now offer the player double stamina and slightly faster regeneration of stamina. This gives the choice between visibility with good mobility versus excellent mobility to the player. The Heavy Gas Mask has both no fog and has double stamina like the No Fog Gas Mask making it no longer very inferior compared the Super Gas Mask.

Shaft Room Key CardLevel2

The Key Card in this room has been changed from a Level 3 Key Card to a Level 2 Key Card. Why was it changed? The Pocket Dimension was simply too good if the player just chooses to dive right into it from the start allowing them to skip almost half the game off the bat. This was changed to encourage players to enter SCP-895 containment chamber and obtain the Level 3 Key Card from there. SCP-049's Chamber doors are closed now preventing the player from skipping to a Level 4 Key Card thus will need to go get the Level 3 Key Card before getting a Level 4. Of course those who get to SCP-914 or SCP-205 and then the Pocket Dimension can skip to SCP-049's chamber without heading over to SCP-895 because they would already have the Level 3 Key Card.

Vest ChangesVest

The vest received major changes. The most noticeable change is that the standard vest now caps the stamina. This can seem like the vest was nerfed but fear not as it has actually received big buffs! The vest no longer inconsistently reduces damage by a little or a lot but rather reduces it by a lot all the time. The vest also reduces the stamina drained by MTF's chest shots. For The MTF specifically, almost all the damage that hits the player's chest when they wear the Heavy Ballistic Vest could be nullified. The Heavy Ballistic Vest does cap the stamina of the player even more than the standard vest but it completely nullifies the stamina reductions caused by MTF' chest shots.

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