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talking about the Advanced A.I. Long and complexed levels where it's going to take place

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This mod will not change the way we look at mods (hell no only stuck up twats say that), no what this mod will do will excite you as you fight to stay alive, fighting threw intresting and open area's as you uses your brain to get out of sticky situations.

Levels will take you everywhere to a clean city to a skyscraper on the edge of calapes, a mall full of hinding places for your foes, and sadly a sewer mission (every game must have it's low points). The levels will be long and have multipaths to take, but always ending up in the same place.

The game will be set in a big mega city in the desert with a clean inviament at the beginning but will change to a city full of distruction and depression. Hopfully i am planning for a early 2011 to early 2012 (hopfully before the world ends). Hope to keep you updated threw the year, updates will be slow to start of with but will soon get quicker and quicker.


Ok, Im not quite sure how this shows off all your features because we see nothing to show it. And when you say:

Hopfully i am planning for a early 2011 to early 2012 (hopfully before the world ends)

I REALLY hope you are joking about that last comment. Because if you really believe that, well...

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liamh101 Author

no i thinking a 3 to 5 year project, if everything goes well (but we all know it won't) so it may be as long as 7 years

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7 years? Then you may wanna consider episodes lol.

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