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The basic article about the in's and out's of Universum Android and all of its features.

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Early this year GameJolt hosted a contest for the community to make a game about Chaos within 3 days, Universum was my entry into this contest. After a few months updating and sticking with the game I decided I wanted to make a better version for Android, so I started a Kickstarter to get be started faster, this failed as not enough was raised but I still had some backing and I still wanted to go ahead with it.

So a new Job and some planning later and here we are, Universum Android is on the verge of being released.
This Android version is a total remake of the PC version, everything was made from scratch and its worked for the better because it isn't rushed and has had more time and care put into it.
With it being a remake, there is total new features such as, a new upgrade system, new power-up's and a change in the way they work. There is still a few features that haven't made it into this version yet but they will come in later updates.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the features:

- Infinity Environment
- Random Gen Enemies
- No game is like the last
- 100's of changeable skins (limited atm)
- New Upgrades for guns and the environment
- New Power-ups to discover
- Random loot spawning
- Dynamic background
- Even more epic soundtrack
- Auto Saving settings
- Difficulty Settings
- Different enemy types (With different speeds and guns)
- Boss Battles (COMING SOON)
- Special Unlockable Skins

There is a quick run down for the time being, if your interested then please follow this game.
You can also follow the development process by following the Daily Dev Log


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