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Now this is a list of everthing I hope to change, I will change this list if I get a new Idea or if I change my mind. Please tell me what you think of the list or if you have any idea what I could do then please tell me.

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What I'm going to change(this list is still subject to change)

suits of armor to jedi clock, stormtrooper, clone trooper, star wars tunic

the bow to a blaster rife(still neeed to check it out in the game

the spider to a crab droid(I have done the legs and given it a wired covered body....for now)

the arrows to a lazer(looks good but has arrow feathers on it)

What I have already done
change the healthbar to a lightsaber

Glowstone to A Jedi Holocron

all the painings to Star Wars Pictures

the map to a hologram book feel

change the swords to lightsabers, red saber, green saber, silver saber, training saber. put this in your URL to see video

changed flowers into red cristals

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