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What can you do on your plot of the island? Well there's tons you can do, farm, build things, raise animals and most importantly have fun!

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What can you do here on sunny Twilight Island?


Well the easiest thing you can do is farm, you can choose from tons of different crops to plant and harvest but what do you do with them once you harvest them? What's the point of farming? Well the main point of the game is combat and exploring areas of the island you can always buy healing items but that could get really expensive so why don't you just take some time out of your day to water some plants so you can make bunches of different food to heal you!


What else can you do say since food somehow doesn't interest you, well you can build things! You can build equipment and buildings that expand what you can do for yourself. Want to build a huge house? You can do that! Want to live in the tent and use the land around you to make defences to keep you safe from NoBeard? You can do that too! Build and Play in your own way!

Raise animals;

"I don't like farming crops and I don't care about building right now! What else is there for me?" I hear you say and to that I answer, that's oddly specific and those usually appeal to people but I have just the thing for you! You can get an animal barn to raise large animals like cows, goats and sheep so you can make new food and items. What other animals are there? Well you can raise different breeds of chicken too, breed them to make new types of eggs that are worth more or just eat the eggs! Do you have a sweet tooth? Well you can make honey as well by building bee houses, why not make some milk and honey to soothe you to sleep? If you don't like fishing you can always throw two of the same fish into a hatchery to make more too!

"I don't like real animals" some of you say, I got you fam, you can also build the monster barn which allows you to raise large monsters. Don't like large monsters? Build the monster coop for small monsters that lay eggs!

Raise your companions;

You might get lonely here on the island, your a short walk away from town but what if you want some company at home? Well you can summon companions when you have the right parts. These companions will help you tend to your animals and crops, defend you from NoBeard, search some dungeons for you and most of all be your loving companion.

Take care of them by building a shelter for their specific needs, feed them treats that they like to make their affection for you grow. The more you care for them the more they'll do for you, more crops watered and harvested, more animals fed and trying harder to make sure NoBeard doesn't do anything to your stuff or worse, YOU!

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