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Early Access (Beta v0.3.0.0) is now live! It's time to start the hunt, Field Agents.

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What to expect when entering Cascade for the first time:

  • Seven different dinosaur species (plus variants) with intelligent AI that can dynamically form packs, share information, and outflank prey
  • One map with two variants (times of day and weather conditions, both static)
  • Hunt Mode, where players freely explore, hunt, and complete objectives for several proof-of-concept procedurally generated missions
  • Survive Mode, where players defend a key location against increasingly difficult waves of dinosaurs
  • Three weapons: Rifle, shotgun, and pistol, along with a tranquilizer rifle and your trusty fists. Ever feel like knocking a dinosaur unconscious with your bare hands?

Please note that all game modes (Single-player, online Co-op, and local Co-op) require a Steam connection for now, but we consider LAN support to be extremely important.

Questions? Comments? Bug reports? Sound off on our Steam Discussion Board, find us on Facebook (/apexhuntersgame), or reach out via our Steam Support page.

It is worth the reminder that Apex Hunters is in active development. The Early Access experience is not representative of the final product, and as such you will encounter bugs and incomplete features.

We hope you enjoy your time in Cascade.

Until future updates, good hunting.

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