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There are two shotgun shells in the game, the 20-Gauge and 12-Gauge, and these have their own shotguns.

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Shotguns, and associated attachments thereof provides close-range damage bonus. They also have tighter spread and longer range over-all, allowing participation at mid-range. When using Shotgun Shells, they can also switch into different ammunition types.

There are two shotgun shells in the game, the 20-Gauge and 12-Gauge, and these have their own shotguns. This is done because sharing the same shotgun-shells for the multitude of shotgun types has too much overlap. This way, the 20-Gauge and 12-Gauge shotguns can have their own niche and feel for their own respective ammo-types without necessarily rendering each other redundant, pointless, or obsolete, and still have their own roster.

12-Gauge Shotguns

> Shamelessly powerful, 12-Gauge Shells provides a powerful close-range punch. These shells are identifiable with their cherry-red hull with brass base; or with teal boxes.

> Combat Shotgun - Bold and imposing, there is nothing like the Combat Shotgun to create a sense of terror in its adversaries. Commonly chambered for the stalwart 12-Gauge, it can also be modified to fire 44-Magnum as a Combat Rifle, or 50-Caliber as an Anti-Materiel Rifle.

> Double Barrel (Renamed from Double-Barrel Shotgun) - A classic and robust weapon, it can be tooled either as a double-barrel 12-Gauge Shotgun, a Single-Shotgun, or a quad-barreled Lancaster Shotgun. Access to 500-Magnum ammo turns this into an Elephant-Gun, useful for early-game and can still be useful late game.

> Pipe Bolt-Action Shotgun - Tooled from Pipe Bolt-Action, it can chamber 12-Gauge Shells. What it lacks in capacity, it makes up for immense firepower in just that single shot. Paired with the Pipe Weapon's capacity to be tooled either as a rifle or a pistol, this Bolt-Action Shotgun can be in any shape and size you want.

20-Gauge Shotguns

> Sleek and professional, 20-Gauge Shells are controllable and accurate at a distance. While the 12-Gauge shotguns will wake you up, 20-Gauge is a dream to shoot. These shells are identifiable with their bright yellow hull with chrome base or with red boxes.

> Pipe Revolver-Shotgun - A common modification of the Pipe-Revolver, they have decent capacity with decent range, and decent fire-power. They are comfortable as a pocket shotgun, a hunting shotgun, or something in between.

> Lever Shotgun - A typical modification of the Lever-Shotgun, it forgoes the usually hard-hitting 44-Magnum, with the utility of the 20-Gauge shells, boasting one of the most tightest spread in game.

> Handmade Shotgun - One of the rare modification of the Handmade Rifle, using the sturdy AK pattern to fire 20-Gauge shells as was done before by Saiga and Vepr rifles. While not as accurate or powerful per-shot as with other 20-Gauge, it is however controllable at rapid-fire and with high-capacity to boot.

Shotgun Shells

Ammo-Switching has made the Shotguns the most versatile weapon type in the game. No longer they are just limited to close-range engagements, they are, able to participate in many roles with only a matter of shells being loaded.

> Buckshot - Typical rounds for shotguns that scatter 9 to 12 pellets per shot that increase hit probability, or deal heavy damage up-close.
> Armor-Piercing Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun rounds that defeat armor. Deals extra damage to big game; such as but not limited to Yao-Guai, Deathclaws, Mirelurk-Queens, Super-Mutant and Behemoths.

> Dragon's Breath - Incendiary Shotgun Shells that shoots out a cloud of fire. Powerful, especially against Ghouls, but has limited range.
> Pulse Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that deal energy-damage, slows and impairs targeting, and deals extra damage to mechanical units such as Robots or those in Power-Armor.

> Explosive Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that explodes on impact, whose splash-damage can hit through walls.
> Nuclear Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that deal heavier damage with additional radiation damage.
> Timed Explosive Slugs - A Single-Projectile Time-Delayed Explosive Slug that explodes after an amount if time. It can bounce at walls.

> Caps Shot - Bottlecaps loaded in a shotgun shell. Primarily used for trading, but can be shot if needed. Can send enemies fleeing.

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