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Features the MOST attachments in the game, while they start with poor performance, they can be decent with enough modification. They can be geared either with Commando, Rifleman, Gunslinger, and even Heavy Gunner for strength-builds.

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> Pipe Pistol / Rifle - Billions of different combinations, it can be built into a Pistol, Rifle, Assault-Rifle, Battle-Rifle, Submachine-Gun; a Heavy Machine-Gun that uses Heavy-Gunner; semi-automatic Sniper-Rifle -- all it takes is the proper attachments. It is however restricted to merely pistol rounds, and comes with severely reduced ammunition capacity.

> Pipe Bolt-Action - A simpler action, it is easier to tool with stronger ammunition when rate of fire is not that of an issue. Featuring one of the most damage in the game. Unlike the Hunting-Rifle, it can fire the 50-BMG round, the 12-Gauge Shell, and the 5mm Round.

> Pipe Revolver - A midway between power and rate-of-fire, it can also be equipped with the Double-Action trigger providing decent fire-rate though held back by capacity. It can be tooled with a 20-Gauge Shotgun Receiver, a pocket or hunting revolver-shotgun.

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