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Energy weapons has been fleshed out and expanded.

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> Laser Musket - an early-game energy weapon, it retains usability in the later stages by sheer damage alone. Though has weaker damage, it has unlimited ammunition through the use of Rechargeable Cells and can load more ammo-capacity, likewise it can be equipped with the Automatic Capacitor.

> Laser Gun -The generic and venerable Laser-Gun, it merely has more attachments to stay relevant further in the game.

> Institute Gun - Unlike the Laser-Gun, it can be equipped with a freezing capacitor.

> Plasma Gun - A merely even-stronger energy weapon, it trades most of its fire-rate even at automatic fire, likewise the slower projectile for sheer power. It can also be equipped with a Grenade Barrel to function as a grenade-launcher.

> Gatling Laser - Further fleshed out, it has many more options that addresses quality-of-life. It can also be a retooled into a cannon with the Overcharging Barrel. Barrels have different consumption rate with Fusion-Cores.

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