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5 Weapons and useful equipment are available for your hunting trip!

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  • This weapon has fast shooting rate, but its accuracy declines depending on the range of shot. It is very good for close combat, but its lame for shooting a distant targets. The pistol will scare plant eaters, but the noise will alert dangerous carnivores.



  • Capacity of one arrow per shot, is silent and won't scare away dinosaurs unless you shoot them. It is relatively silent, and can be shot several times without alerting dinosaurs.



  • This is a very powerful weapon that uses buck-shot bullets as an ammunition. The grouping of shots decreases on farther distances. Shooting from this weapon requires less precise aiming due to its grouping of shots.



  • It has a front sight and a rear sight notch. Aim at your target and align the top of the front sight so that it lines up with the top of the rear sight. The rifle will scare plant eaters, but the noise will alert dangerous carnivores.

Sniper Rifle


  • This weapon is very accurate, and will shoot exactly where the crosshairs are placed. Its range goes as far as the binoculars, but is narrow. This is not a weapon for a charging meat eater, but fantastic for distance shots.




  • Camouflage is a type of clothing that mimics surrounding background environments to help the hunter blend into the environment, making it harder for animals to see the hunter. Use of camouflage on a hunt deducts 15% from the total points acquired during that hunt.



  • This allows youto view the dinosaur locations on your map during the hunt. A dinosaur is depicted on the map as a green dot. Your location is shown as the red dot with the circle around it. Please note that the map shows only the dinosaurs you are hunting. All other dinosaurs are masked. Use of the map deducts 30% from your total points acquired during that hunt.

Cover Scent


  • This item allows you to mask your scent from all dinosaurs reducing the likelihood of you being spotted. Use of the Cover Scent deducts 20% from your total points acquired during that hunt.

Double Ammo


  • It doubles the amount of ammunition for every weapon during hunting season. There is no cost or penalty when selecting double ammo.

NOTE: All weapons were modeled, textured, rigged, animated and sounded by AnAlpaca.


Wow~I like that textures. :D

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