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Some information on the mod.Tutorials will follow.

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Artillery; The player and german AI can call in mortar strikes.
Sprinting; Press use to sprint, however carrying a too heavy loadout will disable sprinting (ex.lmg+panzerschreck=no sprinting).
Many new weapons.
Some new hats and helmets.
Many new AI characters.
Some new AI animations.
Many new effects.
Some customs SP missions imported.
Many new textures.
Many new sounds.
Extensive game -combat and -mod options menus (view images sector for further info).
Save/load menu added.
Quicksave enabled, press F5 by default to save your game.
Disable many hints, icons, etc, in menu.
Disable ingame music, in menu.
Select weapons and throwables, in menu.
Display ingame allied names, in menu.
Special award system, "earn" your mortar strikes and upgrade sniper ammo by killing officers, snipers, at guys and/or headshots.
Blackouts instead of a red screen, in menu.
Get shellshocked by grenades and rockets, in menu.
Friendly fire,allowed or not or defector mode(Friends will attack you if you screw up).
Kill icons,shows headshots and ranked AI kills, in menu.
Refill ammo at next level, or not, in menu.
Vocal headshot confirms, in menu.
Hardcore setting button, in menu.
Many vehicles now have to be taken out through mortar strikes,at weapons or explosives instead of the default "plant an explosive".
Many bug fixes and further tweaks.

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