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Core focus of the mod, including optimal way to play and features in development.

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H3E features a massive roster of weapons, almost all of which have been changed in significant ways to facilitate a healthier playstyle and match within Halo 3's multiplayer.

Screenshot 2022 07 08 204255

The root of many of these changes can be found within issues that reside inside Bungies magnum opus.

  • Inherent spread on precision weapons
  • A large number of redundant weapons with no reason to be picked up
  • Oppressive equipment that is either useless or results in free/cheap kills
  • Low solo-player power due to the BR being unable to resolve perfect kills fast enough
  • Low power automatics with no utility to make up for the power

My goals, as outlined in the patch notes are to improve what I see as a good game with some questionable balance mechanics that can be easily resolved with imagination and focus. The mod was designed with precision/auto starts in mind, most notably the BR and AR though any combo is valid due to the focus put into each weapon.

Screenshot 2022 07 08 204818

Here is an example of a weapon that has received heavy focus. The M6SA1 Automag, a semi-automatic handgun featuring a speed boost when equipped, projectile velocity comparable to the CE magnum and high damage to round it out.

Screenshot 2022 07 08 204441

Another weapon functioning as an assault rifle variant, the MA7 Anti-Material Carbine. A dual-zoom semi-automatic rifle firing in 2 round bursts, this weapon is particularly effective against health and players with a good aim will quickly find it a favorite.

In regards to the 2 multiplayer maps, this is due to the time taken to compile each multiplayer map and then the time compressing into a while only 2 multiplayer maps are present more will be added over time, feedback and suggestions are entirely welcome.

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