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Change-log for FUEL: REFUELED V14.4. I'll add more detail when I put up the change-log for the upcoming V15.

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  • Vehicles are now correctly ordered by vehicle type in UI
  • Minor vehicle type fixes (Some vehicles were classed wrongly)
  • AI vehicles are more diverse (AI now drives maveric and bonus vehicles etc.)
  • Number of AI vehicles are increased (Typical race has 10, Special has 16)
  • Wider vehicle type selection during certain career and challenge races.
  • Wider vehicle selection in online multiplayer career races.
  • Challenge races now allow the player to make a vehicle selection choice.
  • Minor modifications to the colour choices of specific vehicles.
  • Several UI changes and fixes (Mostly updated and replaced text strings in places etc.)
  • Traffic now comes in diffeerent colours (Black, Grey and White)
  • Doppler truck model changed from TRAFFIC_TRUCK to FLOTTE_JEEP_1 + FLOTTE_BIGTRUCK_1
  • Map camera can now zoom in further. (and other minor tweaks and fixes)
  • Weather tweaked / fixed on certain races.
  • Debug Mode Force Time Array increased (Now 96 = time in 15 min increments)
  • Firemoor Fields is now ordered before Dead Lady’s Lake in Race selection.
  • Totally revised Garage UI
  • Fixed Controller Settings UI text strings
  • Corrected many UI text strings that didn't make sense
  • Online multiplayer races now show vehicle type instead of a list of names.
  • Added working POI's for two hidden helipads.
  • Further fixes and improvements to races.
  • Begun removal of the chopper chase challenges for replacement.
  • Begun Implementing new 'Surface Type' naming scheme.
  • New 'Race Type' naming scheme

New Content:

  • New 'Free Ride Activities' feature (see bottom of this annoucement for details)
  • New Free Ride Activities (300+ Added so far...)
  • New Heliports added outside every camp. (You can get dropped off right outside)
  • New Collectable Vista Points. (at least one or two new ones for every zone!)
  • New Collectable Livery Points (bonus-code content can be found in game world.)
  • New POI’s for broken Helipads (Offshore Shack and Red Rock Bluffs)
  • New Challenges (Replace Chopper Chases... 3 so far.)
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