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This is a series I will be doing to explain the unique Molor and future Mountain Goblin breeds, the uruks, Orcs, and goblins.

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Uruks Explained


Uruks are as you know fierce warriors. They were created and bred by the Dark King of Molor from the original genotype, the Large Warrior Orc breed known as, Mt. Garthang Orcs (Garthang Orcs) who originate from the southern Garthang mountain range. Uruks were only created when the Dark Lord and King of Molor returned to Calradia. They were known as reliable fighters, bigger then a man, and much stronger fighters. Each Uruk after being created was put through fierce training for certain classes, and armed for the Kings war for the return of the Dark Lord.


Uruks are larger then men and are stronger melee fighters. Although they come with archers and crossbows, they are not as ranged-oriented as the Orcs or goblins. They are the main part of Molor’s Armies, and are very obedient soldiers, willing to run suicide operations should it be necessary. They are the strongest soldiers in Calradia.

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Well that sounds legit to me. It will be a honor to defeat them :D And maybe in another story aid them

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