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This is a report regarding the progress of Version 1.9 of Legacy of Zann

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1.9 Has been on the sideline for a long time, I have recently picked back up on the mod and have been working on fixing and expanding on the existing and new mechanics, here is what to Expect:

For The Rebels: The Rebel Slice Mechanic has been finished other than some tweaks, but the Slice mechanic now takes advantage of the Planet's Tech Availability and Difficulty, the mechanic is explained in more detail in game but this feature has been finished.

For the Empire: Researching for the Star Destroyer 2 and the Titan Destroyer are being implemented for Galactic Conquest, so completing certain actions and objectives will reward you with the ISD 2 and Titan.

For the Underworld, Corruption based Tech is also in the works but may or may not make it into 1.9 depending on how long it takes to make the script and everything. Balance tweaks and AI Changes are also being made but I hope you guys are exited for 1.9!

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