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this takes place in between the anime of Dragon Ball/Z/GT it will consist of many characters updates will come soon Included: >English Game menu >New Cursor >New Platinum Hud >8 Maps or more >45 Tested, modified character + transformations >Avatars included In-Game: Screenshots will be Added Soon

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Hello All and Welcome to the World OF ZWQ

by Kronix. Welcome to ZWQ project development Please check back at this page about information on this project.

-ZWQ team.

16 Customizable Characters

Goku (Namek
Vegeta ( Sayian SAGA
Gohan ( Sayian SAGA
Krillin ( Sayian SAGA
Piccolo ( Namek Saga
Goku (Sayian Saga
Reecome ( Namek Saga
Frieza All Forms (Namek SAGA
Ginyu ( Namek SAGA
Nappa ( Sayian saga
Bardock ( Movie special 1
Yamcha ( Sayian SAGA
Tien ( Sayian SAGA
OOZARU Vegeta (Sayian SAGA
kid Vegeta
Sayian And Namek maps :

Arrival ( The Terror of Radditz
Frieza (Planet Namek
Planet Vegeta ( Sayians vs Frieza
Kame house ( Master Roshis house
Desert ( Sayian Duels
Kami`s Lookout (Tien,Krillin and yamcha Train at

Things not included in beta 1
Full Roster

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