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An FAQ for Unleashed Heroes: Beginnings. Get ready for a new adventure!

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What is Unleashed Heroes?

Unleashed Heroes is a brand new RPG experience featuring a new Sci-Fi inspired world. The gameplay is straight from RISING PHOENIX but features more polished gameplay and fixes some of the criticism from RISING PHOENIX.

Whats the story in Unleashed Heroes? And what is the aim of the game?

The story begins with you, the player on an abandoned planet. You are then kidnapped by a mysterious person to a galactic tournament where you have to fight for your life alongside many other heroes. Your goal is to rescue them all so that you can take back the galaxy from this new threat.

So is the gameplay exactly like RISING PHOENIX?

Yes, it is an evolution of the turn-based combat seen in that game, however you will see new aspects to the gameplay which were not seen in RISING PHOENIX. There is much more variety this time around.

Who is the main character?

The main character is whoever you want it to be! You can choose between being a male or female and you can also choose your own name for your character!

How long will the game take to complete?

This game is much shorter compared to our previous game. You could probably complete the game in 3 - 4 Hours however there is a much bigger focus on replayability so you will spend more time with this game then our last game!

How much will the game cost on release?

The game will cost $0.99

When is the game releasing?

During September 2017

Will there be a playable demo?

Yes, at some point this summer.

What platforms?

Only PC.

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