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This is a small Toolkit that contains functionality for random Character Stats Creation.

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Hugo here! I'm the programmer for Games Seasonal!

Today I want to talk about our Class and Recruitment System.

Since our project is a Tactics Recruiting new units and team management is a very important part of the gameplay.

Our game has Character Classes that are different in Stats, Skills, and appearance. For that, we created a system that will generate Randomized characters.

The system will allow players to recruit units that are different and with distinct stats, Classes also affect permanent stat growth and have a bonus while that character is in that class!

This allows characters to be built in a way that adapts to the playstyle and players are allowed to change any character class giving the typical team-building freedom you have in other tactics games.

The class system also has a Growth system with three different tiers that players can unlock for each character once they reach certain points!

Since I spent the time creating the system for our project I decided to expand upon it and build a Game Dev Toolkit for Unity (the engine we are currently using), that includes all the functionalities that we use in our game and some extras.

You can download it for free here.

Recruitment System
This Toolkit includes:

• Class system that allows you to create a class and their stats for combat Ex: Soldier, Mage, Thief, and so on. The system already includes Scriptable Objets easy to edit or change with new values.

• Random Name selector The Random name selector selects a name from a list of names. Filters for Race and Gender are included but can be changed and added at will. The System Keeps track of Already in use names in order to not repeat them.

• Character Saving The ToolKit has a built-in character save system that allows saving the created Character with all their information,auto-save on empty slots, and deleting or replacing characters.

•Random Selector of stats within Range It includes a system that will pick a random value between a range for each stat this allows slightly different characters to be created even if they share the same class.

•Built in Lists The Toolkit already contains example lists that can be used as they are or easily changed without the need to edit any code.

• Demo and Display Example The project includes a Demo scene that allows you to test the system the demo also includes functionalities for displaying Character Information that can be re-used in your own project.

• Documentation explaining how to use the Toolkit.

update Prancheta 1

Also, you can follow and check our project DAWN it is still in the prototype stage, BUT new major gameplay Updates are coming soon!

DAWN 630x500 Prancheta 1

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