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This article presents in detail factions of TURBO LANZER World.

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TURBO LANZER - Races and Factions


  • humans (TRF, CON)
  • aliens (SHO, KAY, ADR)
  • mutants (MUT, FEE)


  • TRF - The Renaissance Federation - human major faction - ruthless colonists. They have freedom and friendship on their banners, but their ambitions are imperial. Their strength lies more in numbers, than in ships' qualities. Never hesitated to steal technologies from other races, what brings us to a current situation, where most non-human factions are hostile to TRF. Maybe Colonists try so hard to go forward, because they try to forget their grim, very, very dark past. It is they, who are responsible for destruction of Earth, killing billions of creatures, including other humans as well.

  • CON - Sanitarium Conspiracy - human side faction - paranoidal plotters, centuries ago, they have experimented on creatures, and created mutants, who rebelled and become persecuted all over world. In time hunter and hunted exchanged their roles, now conflict moves into space. Sanitarium is something between organisation and corporation, is big enough to act as a state. They made their fortune on intelligence services, and secret military campaigns. There are rumors that they have started kidnapping mutants again, and conduct their experiments in border stations.

  • MUT - Free Mutants - mutant major faction - only this who was enslaved can truly understand value of freedom - can say any mutant. They have been persecuted by their own creators - and for centuries they fought for freedom. Now, they have their own piece of space, what will they do? Peacefully cultivate their economy, or prepare for war to finally crush their mortal enemies?

  • FEE - Feeders of Xshashka - some mutants denied their laboratory legacy, and instead developed a religion in which goddess Xshashka munipulated human race to create mutants, so they cleanse world of 'human disease' . Finally religion evolved to a point where it seems, everything is good enough for cleansing, Xshashka become a very cruel and greedy protector demanding more and more life, no matter mutant, alien or human. Nor more like fanatic cultists, mutants, calling themselves Feeders of Xshashka expand their territory looking for more feed for their goddess.

  • SHO - Shogunate of Shimizq - alien major faction - Earth is long time gone, but aliens had been living on it, moved to space. Evolving into lizard like creatures, for centuries, their kept their culture mostly intact. Like their ancestors, they follow ancient code of warriors, and base their society on feudal system. Lizards perfectly know however, that roots of military power lie in the economic power...

  • KAY - Kayama Corporation - alien side faction - they relation to Shogunate may be compared to relations between Kingdom of Jerusalem and Templars. Kayama Corporation is a powerful ally, protecting with their own army all lizards from human aggression. They don't own sectors, but they have privilege to use space of Shogunate. Naturally, both parties goals are similar, but not same. There were several scandals revealing corruption of Shimizq officials by Kayama Corp. and many aliens think, that Emperor is just a puppet in the hands of demoralised managers. In reality Shogunate is weak, torn by political disputes, but Kayama knows, that only strong rule can bring peace, and stability, so needed to conduct profitable business.

  • ADR - ALIEN'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC - side alien/pirate faction - they praise communist ideals, but they are more ravagers and raiders, organised crime society, than any form civilized nation. Their 'requisition' squads rip apart ships of smaller merchants, or innocent civilians.

  • SIS - Secret Intelligence Service - Tech Recon- side mutant faction - this is still a humble enterprise. SIS is a military intelligence corporation. They made their legend by offering and executing services like overthrowing governments, organizing putsch, supporting juntas, etc. all over the known space. Their work mostly behind the doors, bribing politicians, spying on governments, thus their military presence in space measured by fleet power is still very humble. They don't have expansion plans, rather keep quiet, and lay low.

  • Khaak, Xenon - rouge factions - depending on scenario (or sub-mod) they may be more or less aggresive. May be even friendly to each other, player, or other factions. Khaak have been living in space before any other race arrived. Xenons originally called Biotecs on Earth, where something between cockroach, human, and computer, now they have changed their form into ships and constructions. They still are organized in hives, like centuries before on Earth. Xenons learned to hack other races' ships, and link them with hives. In return other races kidnapped Xenon ships and managed to re-engineer their design.

  • ToT - Temple of Tranquility - side faction - a very suspicious, and secretive cult. Highly advanced, they managed to communicate with Khak and Xenons. An allied Xenon-ToT patrol is nothing unusual, though it deeply concerns other faction.

  • Duke's Buccaneers - a typical space pirate faction. They have decent fleet, but their stations are still only few. While being almost always persecuted by human factions, they came to some sort of agreement with aliens and mutants, who tolerate their presence to some degree.

GALAXY MAP Factions Sectors Turb

image [click to zoom] : Galaxy Map of Turbo Lanzer World with faction territories

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