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In this project you pick one out of four races, Angels, Demons, Werewolves or vampires. When you pick a race you can choose between 7 sub classes. Each class has their advantages and disadvantages. On this page you will find more info about the Demons.

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Lucifer, The chaotic leader of battle.
Lucifer, the dark evil brother of Gabriel/gabrielle. The lucifer class is created to counter Gabriel.
Same strength and powers, holding hellish magic skills. If the lucifer class ever encounters Gabriel, it will be a fight to the death.

Asmodeus , Punishes all who are good.
The class of Asmodeus comes with a small history. He once was a good person, but he betrayed his family and ended up in hell. The demon punished him for decades, and now Asmodeus does the same to all people who are good. This class is good for melee fights, but never engage battle with magic. He will lose.

Beelzebub, created and formed in the eyes of the demon, he is the next new leader.
The class of Beelzebub, Ruler of hell, king of darkness. Created in the eyes of the demon. Beelzebub is created to be a leader, and you can see that in his power. Ultimate melee skills, great protection against magic, and powerful to destroy other classes. Beelzebub is truly the ultimate balanced class of the demons.

Leviathan, The loyal dark knight.
The class of Leviathan is tricky, he begins weak, but by the time you level him up he is stronger. perhaps even stronger then the class of Beelzebub. With powerfull levitate skils and good magic, this is the ultimate magic class of the demons.

Belphegor, Created to form powerful dark magic.
Belphegor class, Very strong dark skills. in fact, in later levels he can use death magic and manipulation.
He is the silent warrior, placed in the back to protect the front troops.

Avarice, To protect the hell gate.
Class of Avarice, Only and pure created for melee fighting. Strong magic protection. he truly knows no weakness.

Hellel, brings chaos and fire to the ones who don't obey.
the class of Hellel, Firemagic is central. Normal fire skills does average damage, but if Hellel uses it, you will die instandly. he only has one weakness and that is ice. but he prayses the demon for that, ICE cant be found in the underground, thus it makes him the ultimate fire demon.

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