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In this project you pick one out of four races, Angels, Demons, Werewolves or vampires. When you pick a race you can choose between 7 sub classes. Each class has their advantages and disadvantages. On this page you will find more info about the angels.

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(male)Gabriel / (female)Gabrielle.
The class of Gabriel/ Gabrielle is all about fighting. They are the leaders of the assault team, and they are the only ones that are pro's in duo combat. They hold 2 swords, Fire and ice, Light and darkness. They are created to destroy everything that comes in their path. They do however have one weakness, and that is Health. They might be the strongest ones of the angels, But their health is the lowest.

Angel of death.
The class of the angel of death is all about special skills, so called death magic. They can cast high powered magic, and fight from a distance. Their greatest weakness is melee and close combat.

Saint crusader.
A Saint crusader is always infront of the battlefield, with high health and balanced strength they bring death to their enemies. Their only weakness is against magic.

Holy angel.
The class of the Holy angel is all balanced of protection, they have medium health, and a average attack skill. Their job is to protect the angels from dark magic. But they are very weak against melee.

Knight of light.
The class of knight of light is almost the same as Holy angel, they carry the same powers, but the knight of light gains more resistance against melee. They use special aura's to protect theirselfs from demons. But on the other hand this class is extremely weak VS all vampire and werewolf attacks.

Archangel Raphael.
The true battle class of the angels, The archangel engages battle like one no else would. Strong balanced health and power, strong protection against magic, and designed and created to fight of every other race. However he has one small weakpoint and that is speed.

Holy spirit.
And final, the class of the holy spirit, healer of combat, the illusion of heaven. The special power of the holy spirit is to copy people, weak against melee. but the perfect class for ultimate magic damage.

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