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A quick introduction to three of the maps that are in the works for Tikiwiki.

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This is an update for three of the maps that are currently being worked on for Tikiwiki. We hope you enjoy what you see and possibly have some feedback/comments/crituqes.

Speed Trap

Speed Trap rests deep within the lush jungles of Ahi’Wai, untouched for centuries. It’s here that the tribes have found a new source for their elements. Be warned, strong gusts of wind will propel the unaware into disarray.

Speed Trap Content Update Speed Trap Content Update

Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness is a level located in the Heart of Ahi'Wai, surrounded by dense jungle, consisting of tall pillars. Each side will comprise of dark areas that lead to unique areas and hidden secrets. The center area will be the main attraction for players to explore and capture. Players will use level flow to to make exploration fun and easy. Have fun!

Heart Of Darkness Content Update Heart Of Darkness Content Update Heart Of Darkness Content Update


Upon the mystical shores of Ahi’Wai lies the coastal village of Zenwai. The sun beats down on this wide stretch of beach, the ocean shimmers in the distance. The sacred lagoon bubbles in anticipation as the Ignatus and Sariswati meet to celebrate the end of the shadow that once plagued them. With respect and appreciation, they play the sport that brought them together.

Zenwai Content Update Zenwai Content Update Zenwai Content Update


Unfortunatly that is all we have today for the level design update today, but for more information on other updates from today please see:


Great keeping the styles similar but still looking completely different. I feel the skydomes could use a little bit of work to fit the atmospheres better. Nothings wrong with a blue sky but it looks more like a painting then a sky (in the perspectives given anyways).

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ShadowComp Author

Yea, that skydome actually also has this giant seem in it. We will be getting some new ones shortly and I will be sure to get them up here ASAP.

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Good to know :D

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