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This is a detailed explanation of world events leading up to the beginning of the Third World War, And offers an explanation as to how it happened.

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PRE WAR (2011-2017)Europe

- In 2014 the European Union unites into a single State, consisting of most of the continent. The Continental European Coalition *CEC*. The New state becomes the main Geopolitical enemy of Russia, who also has Major Changes in store for it. Due to several discrepancies and disagreements with America, the CEC and United States are no longer allies, they merely tolerate each other. and Agree not to interfere in each other's geopolitical affairs. Nevertheless the countries maintain a friendly, neutral relationship toward one another. While Officially a single country, all of the pre CEC Countries remained as "States", Having a French State, Italian State, etc, One requirement of membership was that nations seeking international recognition must be granted by their parent State. Many Autonomous States from the Pre Unification era such as , Bavaria, Catalonia, and the Basque Country were granted official independent recognition. Due to the British state's reluctance to pull itself away from America completely, Paris was Chosen as the capital of the country,Lisbon, Rome, Stockholm and London were declared Economical and Trade Hubs Due to their proximity to the sea.

- The Financial collapse of Greece in 2011 destabilized the entire Balkan Region of Europe, Greece rapidly declined into a Third world country and then fell into a second Civil War. Eastern Greece would allign itself with Serbia in the Balkan War, a conflict would undoubtedly be the start of the Third World War. Ironically in the same region that the First began.

- The Balkan War of 2014 Was sparked by an armed confrontation in the Serb Province of Bosnia, Dubbed the "Banja Luka Incident", the CEC Sought to include Bosnia in their confederation, Troops were sent into the country but when they were met with protests in the Serb East Bosnia, The Serbian Militia refused to allow the Europeans to enter the city of Banja Luka, the CEC Forced it's way into the city and a dozen Serb Militiamen were killed, Serbia Proper was outraged, and sent it's military into Republika Srpska and on a political level declared the territory now apart of Serbia, The European Balkan force suffered moderate casualties against the Serbians, The CEC Pulled it's troops out and was forced to sit back and watch the powder keg it had just set off.

- Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia would all open hostilities with the rest of the balkans. Bosnia would be the hardest hit, Albania would be the other country invaded by the Serbian-Yugoslav Federation. Greece broke down into another Civil War, East Greece would recieve aid from Serbia, but would not participate in hostilities with Bosnia or Albania. Intelligence reports suggested that Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and a few other States unfriendly to Europe were providing military aid to the Serbian Aligned forces. Which would become the scapegoat for the breakdown of relations and eventual war between East and West Europe. The Balkan War ended in a Serbian Victory, The Balkans were devastated by the conflict, However aid pourned in from the east, particularly from Russia and Ukraine, the Serbian state saw no reason not to tie a knot with Moscow, Greece would follow soon after. Romania and Bulgaria had been abanonded by the EU prior to the treaty, both from a feeling of bitterness towards Europe, and fear of Isolation, Romania and Bulgaria Would join the Eurasian CIS about a month after Greece and Serbia. All of Europe now sided with either Moscow, or Paris.

- In 2015 the Moscow pact is signed, Effectivley turning the Commonwealth of Independent States *CIS* from an economical and cooperation organization into a full fledged military alliance. prior to the signing many countries of the CIS saw their economies linger, their citizens emigrate, and an overall loss of national pride. Every Ex Soviet state with the exception of the Baltic countries, signed the pact, alongside a few newcomers, Including Mongolia and Afghanistan, Seeking Development aid and Protection from an increasingly aggressive China. As Well as Romania and Bulgaria whom declined invitation to the CEC Months earlier. Due to a Multiple front war being fought in the Middle east, the CIS becomes the leading producer and Supplier of Oil and Natural gas, It sells it's resources worldwide, Ironically even to the Countries in the Middle east, the same people they stole the market from. The CIS Uses it's massive earnings from it's Oil boom and spends billions on arms and military buildup, surpassing it's Cold War levels of the Soviet era, and Moscow once again is a Global superpower to be feared, Europe keeps a watchful Eye on the east.

Middle East

- 2013 Partly due to the talks of European Unification and the prospect of allies pulling out that came with it, as well as the call for the troops to come home from it's citizens. The United States and Canada pull all armed forces out of Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere. Leaving only a few dozen advisors. Almost immediately tensions boil, and the Arab world is about to find itself in it's own war. Israeli occupation and suppression of Palestinian lands provokes the Arabic countries to unite and declare war.

-Meanwhile to the East, the extremist Iranian government cannot resist the opportunity of grabbing land, and Invades Iraq, already weakened by the 15 years of American Occupation, the United Arab States are forced into a two front war. Iran, while officially at war with Israel, never fires more than a few harsh words at them, given being pre-occupied with a war with the UAS. The war in the Holy Lands cripples the World's Oil and Natural gas supply, setting the stage for Russia to take firm control of the profits of the world's appetite for oil

South America

- The Mexican Drug war escalated to a full fledged Civil War by 2012, a significant percentage of the Mexican military defects to the other side, and it is clear that the government is loosing, Because of the Instability, Mexico is not considered for the Upcoming North American Military Alliance

- Brazil, thinking itself justified. abruptly declares war on Venezuela, and sparks a number of countries into the conflict, either joining Brazil or Allying itself with Venezuela, South America's conflict are minor compared to what is going on in Israel and Arabia, Which will also be dwarfed by the coming storm in the next few months


- Mongolia and Ironically, Afghanistan join the Moscow Led CIS, Hoping the Combined efforts of over a dozen countries will bring them all a higher standard of living, a better economy, and mutual defense.

- A Pro-Russian politician is installed in the Georgian government in late 2011, over the years he changes the opinions of Georgians toward Russia. in 2015 due to both the actions of the government agent, and the NATO Abandonment of Georgia when the CEC Formed. Georgia feels it can put the War it had just fought against Moscow in 2008 behind it, as it feels that Russia will stand by it's promise to defend it, unlike NATO.

- Southeast Asia is an entirley different atmosphere in 2014. No longer backed up by the United States, it must fend for itself. Taiwan reluctantly agrees to be rejoined with China, thankfully there is little violence and neither military engages with each other.

- Seeing the example that Russia set in 2015, China looks to invite several neighbors into a Military and Economical coalition for Protection, development and Prosperity. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and North Korea accept the invitation, Increasing China's regional influence and already large military, substantially.

- The remaining states of Pacific Asia join together into the Pacific Cooperation Association, a Military Alliance with the same idea as the now defunct NATO, as a deterrent to aggressive countries. But instead of the Soviet Union, the PCA grouped together to deter China. the two groups maintain an uneasy, unfriendly relationship. Fortunately, China will have it's sights set elsewhere in the future.

North America

- Canada and the United States sign the North American Military Alliance in 2014. Since the disbanding of NATO when the CEC Was formed and elected to separate itself from America Politically , The countries found that the only reliable allies they had were each other, America now had access to the abundant Canadian resources, and from the huge American investment, the Canadian Economy skyrocketed past that of the Pre-CEC United Kingdom as well as experiencing a massive population boom of eager Americans looking to start new lives in their old Allie's land. Although not all was well, the war in the middle east put a choke on oil supplies, and the Canadian Oil supplies wouldn't cover everything. North American jobs were still being moved into Asia, Specifically China and India. the AGA Bill is passed, banning the sale of American and Canadian businesses and Factories to foreign Buyers, Thousands of jobless North Americans find work again.

- The AGA bill threatens the Chinese Economy, and The Chinese government sends an ultimatum demanding it be nullified. The demand falls on deaf ears and a massive military force prepares for the invasion of the American and Canadian west Coast. North America and Asia prepare for war.

WORLD WAR III (2017 - )

- Mid February 2017 ,With it's Military fully modernized and mobilized, fearful that the CEC Will strike first, the CIS Initiates it's invasion of Europe, Most of the territory of the former Baltic states and parts of Finland are quickly conquered, but are only a prelude to the confrontation that will engulf the continent, for nearly 100 years Eastern and Western Europe have been preparing for war, the gloves have come come off, World War III Has begun...

North America

- Ten days after war breaks out in Europe, America seems to have forgotten about the Chinese ultimatum, which expires on February 25th, minutes after midnight, as promised, the Chinese navy begins shelling the American Fleet, The Chinese Fleet sustains heavy casualties but forces the American Navy to retreat and regroup, Unfortunatley for America, this will be the only major Naval confrontation, and it will not get the opportunity to confront the PLAN in force again, and the Chinese invasion force steams toward California, British Columbia, and other west coast regions. The West Coast Navy is cornered in it's ports and most of the vessels that remained at sea were destroyed or captured. The Navy stationed on the East Coast is unable to reach them in time. and is unable to pass through the Panama Canal, due to the Conflict between Brazil and Venezuela on both land and Sea, which has reached the canal and is currentley occupied by Venezuelan and Cuban troops, who refuse to allow the American Navy through.

- Venezuela and Cuba are still friends of Moscow, and America does not wish to enter a two front war , especially with Russia, the only country that could match them weapon for weapon in Nuclear arms, surprisingly, because of this fact, the only nuclear weapons that have been exploded have been very low yield tactical weapons in insignifigant locations, the worst being in a small city in Sweden. The American Navy retreats and stations itself in the Gulf of Mexico and around the Eastern Seaboard, fearing a second Invasion front from China.


- April 2017, World War III Has been raging for 2 months, China prepares to send reserves from central and western parts of the country eastward, to prepare for a second wave of Invasion troops for North America, the PLA Has captured signifigant amounts of territory in Southern California, Including some Major cities, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Diego have fallen to the Chinese, More troops are needed to push north to San Francisco, as well as to continue the push east.

- The Chinese Reinforcements trespass through Mongolia, now a CIS State that Moscow ensured it would defend, The Chinese continue taking their Shortcut through Mongolia which will pay for dearly. After two days the Russian Pacific Fleet attacks the Chinese and North Korean naval vessels and cripples the second invasion force. the CIS has declared war on China, the CIS Has a competent and formididable military force in the region consisting of Russians, Mongolians, Uzbeks, Kazaks, and many other Central Asian states, all equipped with the same modern equipment as their counterparts fighting Europe. China now finds itself in a two front war. It's crushing defeat by the Russian navy has greatly diminished it's confidence. But 1.5 Million Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese soldiers are still in North America, and The CIS won't be able to fight a Naval war forever and will have to shift completley to a ground war. There is still a long way to go for all factions, and the Defeat of China may require the unthinkable, Mortal enemies, Russia and America to work together toward a common goal.

Yard1 - - 62 comments

Perfect story! I think it's even good for a movie!

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iMolestCats - - 115 comments

wow this a great story!

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Thank you.

You will see parts of our game that tie in with this story, for example, I think a map set in an area of Los Angeles would be an awesome idea. It both ties in with the Chinese Invasion with the Canon, and gives people the opportunity to be having neat things like infantry battles in the palm tree lined streets of a Californian city.

Mind you this is intended for MP, People could have the Russians fighting the Europeans in the streets of LA for all we care. Lol

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armyguy277 - - 97 comments

if you do a los angulas map i am going to do "Battle of LA" but with storm troopers from "Tanks, Muskets & Blasters" mod

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Also, this is an idea for the Distant future, but we have played with the idea of adding some mini factions for MP. Such as The Pacific Alliance, Middle Eastern States, Israel, and Serbia are probably all the most feasible.

The Mini factions would have probably 1/3 to 1/4 of the equipment variety that the main ones do.

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P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

What about Africa? Is it the safest place to live right now? xD

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

North Africa would be involved in the war in the middle east, It was rather ignorant of me to not include the continent, but in our vision not much changes from the way things are today, Some places are peaceful while others are in civil wars or conevntional wars with other countries. In other words there wasnt really anything of interest there.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

- Changed a little bit in the European history regarding the Balkans.

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