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A list of almost all of the available tools, commands and jobs for Space RP pilots.

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Warp Drive

-!warpdriveon activates warp drive.
-!wo turns it off.

Money Transferring

-!drop100 drops 100 credits. This works for 500 and 1000 as well.
-Snowballs, a tool all pilots are equipped with, transfer 100 from the thrower to the one hit.


-Although CS2D Space RP is designed to let it's players make up their own job, it is also designed to have some preset jobs for beginners.

-Mining is the original way of making money in Space RP. Go out into the dangerous, law-less depths of dead space and blow up Wall III's. This can be done easily with a mining laser, which is obtained from the KGSP.

-Ammo farming is the act of charging somebody money to refill their weapon by bringing it into dead space and "farming" the correct ammo. The default price for secondary ammo is 250, while primary is 500. Primary more rare than secondary, so a good ammo farmer memorizes his routes and should know the general respawn times of the ammo.

-Drug dealing, although illegal in Amarn and Greqo system, is a very easy and legal way to make money (if done outside of said systems). !growcheeseweed spawns a cheeseweed plant (a flare) and costs 1000. Reselling this is encouraged, and the price should generally be higher than 1000, or else you're just losing money.

-Shipping and trading is pretty straightforward. Ask if anybody needs anything delivered, or simply buy/sell things.

-Starting a business is what ALL experienced players do when the economy is booming. The majority of businesses are based around selling equipment, so earn some money to build a supply and you should be all set!

-There are SO MANY MORE JOBS that you can do, so many we can't list them all. It's up to you on how you want to earn money.


-Since CS2D Space RP runs off of the construction game mode, you can build your own houses and businesses. Obviously, some buildings are restricted.

Modded weapons and equipment

-The elite now deducts 100 from the person it hits, and deals no damage. It is only available to KGS officials (CTs)

-The Deagle is now a medgun. It heals rather than hurts.

-The Laser is now designed for blowing up buildings instead of people.

-The Flare - as stated before, is now an uber trippy drug called cheeseweed. Throw it, and you get some crazy effects, maaaaaan. You also get a slight speed boost in regular walking mode for 30 seconds.


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